Spring Hypertufa Class

Picture 896Fernwood will be offering it’s first hypertufa class of the season on Saturday, May 23rd from 1:00-3:00.Picture 890 This is a fun, hands-on class, and often fills up quickly. Participants will go home with their own hypertufa vessel to plant for the season. Check out our classes page for more information and to register for the class. Tea and scones will be served, come join us!Picture 906

6 comments on “Spring Hypertufa Class

    • We wish you lived close enough to join us! I love the possibilities with hypertufa pots, of course planting them out is fun too.
      Hope your days are filled with spring activity.

        • Yes, we worked outdoors all day as well….it is so good to feel tired from real work. We actually spent time docking lamb tales as well. Poor itty bitty lambs, they don’t love having elastic put on their tails but it has to been done. Otherwise during fly season they could easily become infested. The digging in the dirt a much happier experience for all!

    • Would love to have you. Of course coming from so far away you would have to stay for more than a day, you could fill up your time with canoeing, knitting, and plant foraging! Doesn’t that sound like the perfect weekend!

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