This Morning At Fernwood Nursery

Cardamine glandulosa

Cardamine glandulosa

We are busy getting the nursery tidy and ready for customers on May 9th. Every morning, after looking over our chore list, we go out to discover what’s coming up in the gardens. The Hepaticas, Hellebore, Eranthis hyemalis, and Leucojum are all in bloom. Cardamine glandulosa is also in flower. This low growing plant spreads, forming loose clumps of purplish green foliage and a deeper purple flower. Quite lovely.
Cardamine glandulosa

Cardamine glandulosa

The woodland peonies are breaking ground. We love watching the transformation of these plants. They are truly attractive right through the season, from when they first come out of the ground, to their glorious blooms, and then right through to their highly ornamental seed pods in late summer, early fall. Both these plants will be available at the nursery this season, along with other garden treasures. It’s nice to be out in the gardens, wouldn’t you agree?
Paeonia veitchii

Paeonia veitchii

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3 comments on “This Morning At Fernwood Nursery

    • Hi Judy,
      Yes, it sure does. Although yesterday we were out moving pots in the nursery, by late afternoon I was chilled to the bone. Still some cool and windy days. Love seeing the gardens come to life, even if we’re bundled up a bit. I can always retreat to the greenhouse. And at least it’s not snow! Hope you are finding time to enjoy your gardens!

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