IMG_0566What’s happening here these days? A schedule of ‘sunup to sundown’, I would say. We are busy potting up plants, cleaning garden beds, turning soil over, and getting the first seeds into the vegetable garden. The exciting thing……we have a new sign ( custom made by our very good friend, Pia !), we are also busy building the new studio ( with the help of a few extra hands) and ( most exciting!) stocking the nursery with some great new plants. Come check it out! IMG_0543IMG_0563

12 comments on “New!

  1. The new sign is really great…but I must admit I did love the old one. So many exciting and new things are happening for you!! I can relate as at Rocky Dale we are pretty much redoing the entire perennial yarn and have added a new layer of gravel to the whole shebang! It will hopefully cut down on weeding. So we are very late getting the yard filled with plants! But this weekend we will be ready for the onslaught!
    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!!

    • Thank you Amy! This year does seem a bit more hectic due to the late arrival of spring, and of course adding new projects keeps our plates very full. We open this weekend…..looking forward to seeing folks and talking plants! Happy Mother’s Day to you as well…..hope it is glorious!

    • Thank you Marian! The new studio will allow us to teach some classes during the season and in the winter as well. We’ll continue to show progress here on the blog. Happy spring to you!

  2. Fabulous new sign. And thrilled to see your studio taking shape, how exciting to think this winter you will be teaching away.

    • Hi Kerry,
      Thank you, we are very grateful to our friend who painted the sign. Very long and tiring days lately….but a good and rewarding tired! So glad to be outdoors digging in the dirt instead of shoveling snow! How’s your spring going? I hope very well!

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