Anemonella 'Schoaf's Double'

Anemonella ‘Schoaf’s Double’

Love this time of year! Everyday a new surprise in the gardens. The spring plants that are already blooming…delightful. And do we ever tire of seeing them, have less anticipation, when a new season arrives? Never.
Anemonella thalictroides ( Fernwood seedling)

Anemonella thalictroides
( Fernwood seedling)

Omphaloides verna

Omphaloides verna

The hellebore, the hepaticas, the anemonellas and uvularia, are all in bloom. Trilliums are everywhere. This season we are actually offering a few double trilliums for sale. Come soon if you have your heart set on one, I think we have only five left. Some of the woodland peonies are ready to burst open. Always spectacular when they do. This past weekend with the nursery opening we were able to chat with customers, both new and old, discussing gardens and plants, and yes, the long winter was also a topic of conversation. I think gardeners have been just itching to tend their beds, look for new choice plants to add to the landscape, and to just dig in the dirt!
Rhododendron 'Candy Pink'

Rhododendron ‘Candy Pink’

Paeonia veitchii

Paeonia veitchii

Tomatoes to be planted in the hoop house

Tomatoes to be planted in the hoop house

This will be another busy week here at the nursery. The vegetable gardens are getting planted, and soon we will be harvesting the very first greens and spinach ( kale also, of course). The tomatoes will be planted in the hoop house. Up in the sales area we continue to divide and pot plants. The display beds need attention on a regular basis now, so this chore gets put into the daily mix. The sheep will move to their summer pasture by mid week. Wait til they see the lush grass that awaits them, I’m sure it’s been on their minds. The three sheep I board for Sally will go home, along with her eclectic flock of (mostly) roosters. Can you believe that no one called me about adopting Rooster Rod? Yes, that’s right, Mr. Fancy Pants is still here strutting his stuff amongst the hens. He’s a bit ridiculous. I really expect to go out there one day to find him wearing bell bottoms. Tomorrow, I will go to the bus station to collect up our WWOOFER for the season ( to find out about the wwoof program , check out this site). Cristina is coming from Italy to spend a little over two weeks with us helping out here on the farm. Italy! Imagine that! Once she arrives and settles in, we’ll introduce her to the blog. We are really looking forward to her coming.
Well, that’s where we’re at here at Fernwood these days. We hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather, the bird song, the gardens, and everything else that spring brings to us.
trillium erectum

trillium erectum

trillium grandiflorum 'George Young'

trillium grandiflorum ‘George Young’



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  1. Wow, looking good. My peonies are just pushing out of the ground now. Can’t wait to get to see all of your neat plants

  2. The Anemonella is delightful! Having a go at Trillium and hope to make them happy. Difficult in my garden as it bakes dry in the hot summers and perfect woodland conditions are missing.

    • Yes, those little anemonellas are wonderful, just what we need in the early woodland garden. Good luck with the trillium, which one are you planting? We are lucky to have a little of both……sun and shade. Thank you so much for reading , Enjoy this glorious time of year……oh, the love of gardening!!

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