Peony Japonica hybrid

Peony Japonica hybrid

Bicolored Iris

Bicolored Iris

We are having friends over for dinner tonight. Good friends. Lovely friends. They are neighbors of ours, and live just down on the lake. They are the kind of friends that know we are straight out with all the hustle and bustle of the nursery and growing plants. They are the kind of friends that show up here after closing with homemade John’s ice cream and a few beers. I think sometimes they save us from ourselves, we would keep working on through the evening even if it means wearing a headlamp. Don’t laugh, we do this! They come and make us stop, and we love them for this. So, in honor of summer ( and food) and these very good friends, dinner plans have been made. Our first thought was to actually leave the farm to enjoy dinner over at their place on the lake. Swell idea, really. But then we got to thinking……so many plants are in bloom. So many amazing spring woodlanders that Kari will want to see. So, dinner here at Fernwood, along with a guided tour around the gardens. We promise not to do any weeding as we walk around!
Phlox stolonifera 'Home Fires'  along with Double trillium

Phlox stolonifera ‘Home Fires’ along with Double trillium

Picture 1112
Lathyrus albo rosea

Lathyrus albo rosea

Podophyllum hexandrum

Podophyllum hexandrum

Arisaema ' Starburst'

Arisaema ‘ Starburst’

Azalea Seedling by Roger Luce

Azalea Seedling by Roger Luce

10 comments on “Blooming!

  1. We cannot wait – and we’d come even if nothing were in bloom and there was no delicious food! ❤
    (So excited to pick out new 'babies' for my gardens. My peony from your gardens is in bloom now, too. It looks fantastic! And my hydrangeas from your place fared the winter so much better than the "store bought" ones.)

  2. What beautiful photos! Our P. japonica is just now finishing bloom and soon those fantastic seed pods will pop open! That Arisaema sounds fascinating, do you ever do trades??
    Dinner with fellow plant lovers is always good fun!

    • Hi Amy,
      Yes, plants and food, a very fine way to spend the evening! Japonica blooming heavy this year,, and lady slippers starting to open as well. Hope all is well over there in the green mountains!

  3. Aren’t friends wonderful! I’ve only read articles about Roger Luce…wish I had the luck to have met him. I was glad to see his seedling. Have his magnolias survived? I’ve really enjoyed your emails and hope to get to Fernwood soon.

    • Hi Linda, Yes, friends are wonderful…..and plants! Roger Luce was a very good friend to Rick. Their passion and knowledge of plants allowed for a great connection and friendship, They truly appreciated one another. Hope you’ll visit to see what’s blooming. Enjoy the season!

    • Oh, Judy, all so true. I feel everyday is a gift…..even the weed picking. It is no wonder that so many poets wrote about the essence and delight of plants, Hope all is well over yonder in the great state of New Hampshire.
      be well, denise

  4. Lovely plants…and the podophyllum I have been growing this for 6 years , lovely leaves no flowers. It was grown from seed. Nice to see what I could expect one day maybe…… 🙂

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