10 comments on “Ladyslippers!

    • Real beauties, these ladyslippers. Always so happy to see them when they bloom. The white is Kentuckiense x candidum. Oh, summer…glorious summer. Hope your season is going well, Marian.

    • Hi Melissa,
      The ladyslippers that we sell are all propagated, not wild picked. Some ladyslippers are protected, and picking them in the wild is frowned upon. We were just traveling up north to our camp and saw many wild slippers growing ( never pic or uproot these), they are so beautiful and amazing that nature has a design for such an intricate flower. Three days of rain here…great for all the spinach, greens, and brassicas, but a little too cool for all those sun loving peppers , tomatoes, and eggplant. Hope your garden is growing well!

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