Picture 1142The next hypertufa building class will be happening on Sunday, June 28th from 1:00 to 3:00. If you’d like to learn how to build your very own hypertufa pot, enjoy conversation with other gardeners, and nibble on homemade scones, consider signing up. It’s a fun time and a great opportunity to learn a new skill.
Everyday we plant a little more in the vegetable garden. Out of the three gardens we use to raise vegetables, the front garden is always planted with a few flowers among the edibles. I’ve always done this. Herbs, flowers, and vegetables all mingle together in this particular site. It’s my favorite garden ( aside from the ornamental beds). The other two are strictly for vegetables. All in all we grow about a 1/2 an acre of vegetables. I thought this year we would scale down, our household has fewer eaters in it now, but the reduction hasn’t happened. Even though both kids have their own place, they still show up and ‘shop’ here. They know where to get really great organic food……cheap ( from mom!). Fine with me, otherwise I may not see them for weeks! When you’re hungry, go home, mom will always feed you.

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