Not Even Quite Summer ( Officially)

a delicious bouquet of lilacs from our friend George Holmes

a delicious bouquet of lilacs from our friend George Holmes

According to the calendar summer starts officially on June 21st. The kids at school are still waiting for that last bell to ring, for the doors to swing open, and to be let out for their long awaited summer vacation. Here at the nursery, we feel like we’re in the throes of summer. Even if the weather has been on the cool side. Even if it is still officially spring. Our season starts early ( well, not so early this year!), and by this time we have a substantial part of the growing season under our belt. Oh yes, lots more to come. The pace of summer will be with us for awhile. We love the activity, we love chatting with our customers who visit the nursery, we even love weeding! Here are a few photos from around the garden.
Hosta ' Aureomaginata'

Hosta ‘ Aureomaginata’

Peony ostii

Peony ostii

Primula japonica

Primula japonica

Tree Peony ( unnamed)

Tree Peony ( unnamed)

We are bustling along here. New varieties of hosta being potted up daily. The sales area stocked with great native and woodland plants. The vegetable gardens filling in. The studio building is coming along. Our friend Ron has begun building a small cabin on our property, we love having him as a neighbor. He has been excited with the concept of the “Tiny House” movement and is working on his own version. Always something new and happening here at Fernwood! Picture 1151

10 comments on “Not Even Quite Summer ( Officially)

    • Hi Judy, Thank you! I am thinking about doing a post specifically on Tiny House building. maybe I’ll interview Ron so he can explain why he chose to build like this. Keep you posted!

  1. Love the tiny house concept but it is hard for me to imagine live without all my “stuff” basket supplies, yarn, wool for hooked and braided rugs, books etc etc. I think though it would maybe be freeing w/o it all.

    • Hi Molly,
      I think we will do a post on Tiny Houses. yes, it would be difficult for me as well. I wouldn’t be able to move with all the baskets, supplies, and arty things, you mentioned….right there with you, on that! But I do think the concept is intriguing, and the idea of living with less could be freeing. We are so glad to be giving our friend an opportunity to build and live in a space without paying a rent for a place he doesn’t own. Plus, when he moves away, he can take his tiny house with him! Watch for more on this! Best to you ,Molly!

    • Isn’t that one grand? Such a statement! And it holds it’s color well throughout the summer. Love that particular hosta! Hope you are well and weaving away…love seeing your work!

  2. Greetings & Salutations:       Here’s hoping you can guide me.     I started checking into the Belfast Garden Tour and it seems that the weekend of July 17th (Friday) the Waldo County Hospital is having a garden tour.   Can you find me any info as to where to find tickets, route, any info, please.   Thanks much,    Sylvia

    • Hi Sylvia,
      We will do that , no problem! How many in your troop? Do you want us to pick up the Waldo Hospital tour tickets for you and hold them here? Give me a day to find out the details and I’ll get right back to you.

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