Nearing The End Of June

Dysosma pleiantha

Dysosma pleiantha

Dysosma pleiantha flower

Dysosma pleiantha flower

Can we really be at the end of June? I guess so. Our world here in the summer, running the nursery, growing the gardens, keep us in a state of constant motion. Next thing you know, another month has gone by. It may seem that the flurry of work, all the chores to be tended to, give us no opportunity to stop and enjoy all that surrounds us. Yes, some days it feels like that. But often we practice being mindful of all the glorious wonders that surround us. The plants that we love. The animals that share our property. The woods and streams that offer up their own beauty without any hand from us. What I love most about choosing this life, this life that embraces the natural world, is the opportunity to take notice and celebrate every little wonder. I went out to look at the plant Dysosma pleiantha, it’s large plate like leaves with its very finely serrated edges. Underneath hangs its deep crimson flower. Well, this is all pretty amazing. Quite stunning. I’ll go back and look at this plant over and over again, it’s an intriguing plant. But then I travel over to the vegetable garden to pick some Swiss chard. It would be very tasty in the Sunday morning omelets we’re making. Well, my goodness, look at the beauty of this plant! Is it any less stunning? Not really. I almost hate to pick it, but I will. More will grow in its place. Going from the Dysosma pleanthum to the common but beautiful Rainbow Swiss chard reminds me of the glory of all plants. Food for body and soul.
Rainbow Swiss Chard

Rainbow Swiss Chard

Picture 1219

2 comments on “Nearing The End Of June

  1. so nice to finally make it to Fernwood today! Being there in the rain was extra special, everything so lush and happy. Came home and planted as many plants as I could before dark, just so inspired!! thank you for answering all of our questions so patiently and kindly. We loved meeting Miller and Boreal too.

    We’ll watch for workshops to come, we will definitely be back, thanks again!!

    Pam T and Donna S

    • Thank you and so glad you were able to visit. The rain was a blessing, the plants really needed a good soaking and it does make everything quite lush. Let us know if we can help with any questions about the plants you purchased and enjoy them! happy gardening!
      denise and rick

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