After A Giant Rain

Picture 1276Oh, the list of things to tackle today! We are grateful for the rain. No watering necessary in the nursery, nature did it for us. But now, some serious weeding. Didn’t we just go through that bed? Thank goodness for the leaf mulch we so carefully spread, it certainly helps with weed control ( and feeds the soil). We have a young friend coming today who loves gardening, loves to be here at the nursery, and loves weeding. How lucky we are!
So, the list? Weeding ( it always gets to be first!)
Harvest two of the large spinach beds, blanch, and freeze
Pot up the Epimedium, dwarf iris, and twin flower( Linnaea borealis)
Begin sorting through the stock area and selecting plants for the nursery
Move the sheep fence
Clean out the pig’s pen
Ready the greenhouse for the upcoming hypertufa class ( a couple of spots still open!)

Picture 1284These are just a few tasks I can think of at the moment. More will come to mind as soon as we step outside. Visitors here at the nursery have been enjoying the bed of mini hosta we planted a year ago. There is a huge selection of mini hosta on the market. We carry at least 30 different varieties. Mini hostas can range in size from 2 to 6 inches. If you have a small shady space and want to fill it, consider these miniatures. Besides, they have great names like Teeny- weeny Bikini, Mighty Mouse, Dragon Tails, Pure Heart, and Chartreuse Wiggles, to name a few.
Enjoy the day and happy gardening everyone!

7 comments on “After A Giant Rain

  1. The rain has moved everything into overdrive! the Hosta are huge this year… I’m waiting for the slug invasion!
    I just potted up some Linnaea too. It has spread so quickly and the vines are rooting in all over, so I pulled up a bunch, potted it and then more rain came at just the right time! I so hope it blooms this year!

    • It has been a fantastic year for the plants in the ornamental gardens. Same here, the hosta are loving this cool wet time. Life is quite busy, for you as well imagine. Are you coming to Maine this summer? hope all is well.

        • Have not picked up any needles or wool since March. It seems that right about now( mid summer) I start itching to get something wooly going. Still have fleeces to sort through, and feel ready to get some dyeing going. Summer is fleeting! And the weeding is a never ending chore, if only I could figure out how to weed while knitting! Have fun, let us know if you’re heading this way.

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