Picture 1308Picture 1311Not sure what we’re more happy to see….the lovely blooms that grace the gardens, or the pollinators that are so busy collecting pollen and nectar. We have noticed a drop in our pollinating friends between last year and this season. It is worrisome. We are so glad to see them buzzing about and furiously working over the poppies ( and all the other blooms) in the gardens. We are fortunate that the majority of the plants, trees, and shrubs that we grow are natives, and this helps the native pollinator population.
Being at that ‘mid-point’ of summer we too have been working furiously. The gardens are always in need of attention…. we are harvesting, weeding, and continuing to amend the soil as needed. We have a lovely new WWOOFer named Hannah, who has been helping to keep things ship shape. Many hands make light work as they say. We can always use several pairs!
She is enjoying the work and the abundance of fresh vegetables that are coming into the house. One thing for sure, if you WWOOF at the nursery, you’re sure to eat well. Hard to believe that it is almost half way through the month of July! Here are just a couple of recent photos from the display gardens. Picture 1322Picture 1316 And, we’ll leave you with this……

“Bees do have a smell, you know, and if they don’t they should, for their feet are dusted with spices from a million flowers.”
― Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine

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  1. Glad you’re seeing bees. I live in town but my perennials were covered with bees every year until 2014
    This year nothing…the monarch and other butterflies are few and far between too.

    • Hello Sue,
      I think we have all seen a decline in the pollinators. It is my feeling that when gardeners, who are out tending their beds, can make note of an actual decline or absence….somethings up. We are hoping that we see a resurgence of all pollinators in the future, planting natives help Home gardens are a big part of the picture, our efforts make a difference! Thank you for reading and having an interest in such an important matter.

  2. The pollinators seem to be picking up a little, but very few butterflies. Not as many as last year, and I have more pollinator friendly plants. Most activity on Clethra and mountain mint than anything else. I really enjoy your blogs.

    • Thank you, Lynn. We felt very worried early in the season….a very obvious decline. We are just now seeing activity on flowers, and you are right….certain flowers more than others. Hardly any butterflies, No monarchs, a batch of Swallow Tails when the lilacs were in bloom. We will continue to do our best and encourage them all! Thank you for reading the blog and your comment….happy gardening to you,

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