It’s Not All About Summer

Picture 1361Picture 1355Picture 1363Picture 1365Picture 1368Among everything else, it’s time to start getting our winter wood in. An enormous oak tree fell recently, bringing an ash and a maple down with it. It won’t actually be firewood for this season, it will need a good year of drying time. But there we were, on a humid July afternoon, bucking it up and hauling it into the woodshed. Firewood is like money in the bank. Maybe even better. I know that the full woodshed means a toasty warm house. Whoo hoo! With three woodstoves doing the job of heating the house, we count on having about 7 cords of wood stacked. This doesn’t include the wood we burn in the wood cook stove, tack on another cord or so for that. You can see why we’re starting with our wood gathering now! There is always a feeling of relief and satisfaction when the wood is all in, and the barn is full with a winter’s worth of hay. Two chores that we are always glad to have behind us once the snow starts falling. So, here we are, mid July and on our ‘day off ‘ mind you, cutting firewood. What do you do as a reward for this effort? A refreshing jump in the lake!

10 comments on “It’s Not All About Summer

  1. Yikes–I always worry when I see people with chainsaws, no matter how skilled and careful they are. But, yes, it must be wonderful when this job is done!

    • Hi Kerry,
      Yes, chainsaws have the potential of doing serious harm, no doubt. Long ago ( in my early days before kids and marriage) I cut my own wood using a draft horse and……a chainsaw. I wasn’t a normal girl…..always a serious tomboy! Fortunately, I have now a long life of practice and am very, very careful. I think women tend to be extra thoughtful about the power of this kind of tool and don’t wield it with such abandonment ( if this makes sense). My kids have always loved explaining to there friends that their mum has a chainsaw ( a stihl 026), We will be careful, and the wood must come in! Thanks , Kerry!

  2. For a lot of folks who turn a central heating system on and off with a button, the thought of working on bringing in seven cords of wood is probably a strange job for a day off. πŸ™‚ But, anyone who has spent time on a farm or in a wood-burning house understands. It’s hard work you are talking about, but I’m one of those crazy folks who enjoys hard work so saw on. I don’t have a chainsaw but I’m a mean stacker. πŸ™‚

  3. I hope your weather is a bit cooler than ours. It is so hot here it’s hard to believe we will ever have to heat the house again. Take care with those saws and enjoy the lake when you are done. Have an ice cream too, you deserve it!

    • Hello Marian,
      An ice cream and a swim feels like perfect compensation for a day of wood cutting. It has been a cool summer, 75 -80, just right really. It is hard to think of heating our homes, not too soon!!!! Hope all is well, are you using the new deck yet?

  4. My hubby is helping a neighbor man stack wood for winter home heating and cooking. He practically crawls home afterward. I cannot imagine doing the job you are doing. Hats off….

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