Oh August

There is a tendency to take a deep breath when we arrive at the month of August. In the early spring, we go out everyday to look at the growth of each plant to see if anything new has just emerged from it’s winter dormancy. In spring our search is delicate and intimate. In August, we go out to what seems like an explosion of plant growth. Things are big and robust. The vegetable gardens are spilling over with produce. Didn’t we just pick that row of beans? What will we do with all this Swiss chard? The extra large zucchini will get the heave hoe into the pig’s pen. The display gardens have some of their own versions of big as well. Of course, we grow some rather large specimens of certain plants. Ligularia japonica, Rheum australe , Veronicastrum virginicum ,Persicaria polymorpha, and an assortment of extra large hosta. They all take a hefty roll in the gardens.

Thalictrum rochebrunianum

Thalictrum rochebrunianum

Thalictrum rochebrunianum is another impressively large plant we grow, although it is truly one of the most graceful plants as well. It’s common name is Meadow Rue. There are many native Thalictrums growing on the property too ( dasycarpum and dioicum), both having creamy white flowers. They have done well to spread themselves throughout the woodland. Thalictrum rochebrunianum is the tallest cultivar we grow, reaching 6 to 7 feet when really happy with its site.
Thalictrum  coreanum

Thalictrum coreanum

Thalictrum kiusianum is on the other end of the spectrum ( we grow this too), it only reaches a maximum height of 4-5 inches in flower. Even though we have an outburst of large and impressive plants taking up space here at the nursery, there’s still room for dainty! As you can see, both the nursery cultivars and the native Thalictrum are great for our pollinator population. Are you growing Thalictrum in your gardens? If not, come check them out here at Fernwood. Picture 1494

4 comments on “Oh August

    • Yep……we know just what’s around the corner don’t we , Judy. But still, I do feel a bit overwhelmed with the jungle growth in August. You can remind me of this when we have another 4 ft of snow on the ground!

  1. I just love thalictrum, and also grow a small one that only has a numberBSWJ4946 , bought from Crug Farm plants in North Wales in the UK. It is my favourite nursery they collect seed from all over the world and grow and sell. We are taking a short break soon and will be visiting them too. Who knows what goodies I may come back with. Love reading your blog makes my day. Thanks.

    • Thank you , Sue! The Thalictrums are one of my favorite as well….almost like a very tall baby’s breath. They are airy and delicate. I have tried a few of the very small ones in hypertufa pots with great success. Would love to visit Crug Farm plants, sounds like just the place for plant enthusiasts. Hope you find some great things!

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