Plein Air Drawing

Picture 1559The drying seed heads of the poppies needed a little ” perking up’. It’s hard not to want to yank them from the garden as they begin to brown, they look rather scraggly. These smiling face help……..too much weeding in the hot sun I guess, I just couldn’t help myself!

14 comments on “Plein Air Drawing

  1. These are too much — Jenny and I both laughed.
    The image would make a great note card (you know, something to do in your copious other spare time….).

    • Thanks Betsy, you can’t take things too seriously at the farm……always a bit of time for silliness and whimsy! You are right, these would make a cute card! I’ll think about that.

    • Glad it put a smile on your face, Those drying poppy heads just begged for a little ‘touch up’……of course there are about 100 poppies in the garden, sad to say only a certain number have smiling faces at this point! Thanks for reading, kristine!

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