What Happens When your Kids Leave Home ( And Then Come Home To Visit)

Picture 1582I remember often the conversations I would have with our daughter Zoe about being raised in a small rural farming community. “Kinda boring”, “Nothing to do”, “Once I’m old enough I’m high tailing it for big city life”. That’s just what she did too, as soon as she could venture out beyond my world here in our humble town, she vacated and moved to Portland. I love visiting her there. She has a great apartment, a great boyfiend, and we always have a wonderful time when we visit her. But now she comes home to indulge in all the things she was so anxious to leave behind. Homegrown food. The flower gardens. Peace and Quiet. The lakes. Sleeping in her old room. And the very awesome bonus….she wants to come home to help on the farm! Wow! This is great! Time spent with our beloved girl and help with some of the chores that are staring us down. We made kimchi, we harvested vegetables, we stacked two cords of wood, she spent an afternoon helping to lay the floor rafters for the studio, and SHE VACUUMED !!!!!!! I think she’s grown up now and she is pretty amazing. What a lovely thing when your children spring from their nest, find their own niche in the world, but journey back to find comfort in their chlidhood roots. That’s my gal. Thanks for all the help , Zoe……you really are pretty awesome!

13 comments on “What Happens When your Kids Leave Home ( And Then Come Home To Visit)

    • Sometimes we have to leave to appreciate what was left behind……still here in this case, just visited from her own carved out world in the city. it is fun to hear her reminisce about the things she grew up with that are not in her life at the moment…..fresh flowers on the table, home cooked meals from the garden, nature sounds. Love when she comes home to re-experience all this.

    • Sorry Pia…I’ll post more soon. That was the best shot of Zoe lending a hand. Right now we have the 2nd floor joists up and are working on the roof rafters…..our goal is to be closed in by mid September. We’ll hope! Yes, I am grateful for the relationship I have with both kids……family is still important to them ( and me, of course) and this makes me very happy.

  1. It is amazing when you realize that your kids are real adults, and good people to boot. The right significant other can help with that process (especially when you have boys who need to learn about laundry and cleaning).

    • Very true! isn’t it amazing though how quickly ( it seems) that we go from begging them to clean their room to having them come visit without bringing a laundry basket of clothes to be done! Zoe even calls now to ask” do you need anything from Portland”? Quite delightful!

    • It truly is Judy……so fun to join forces with your children to work on a project like this. She knows this building is a big deal for me, and is thrilled to be part of the’making’.

  2. How wonderful…Johnny hope and pray for the same with our children–leave and return with a more worldly view and appreciation for ‘home’. Loved seeing ‘Portland’ here.
    Bet you all slept well after all the work!

    • It is pretty awesome, especially when one was ( this one in particular) determined that “city” life would have everything and life back home would always be a bore. Now, she makes the trip up as often as she can……”I miss the country , mom”, she says. One never knows!

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