‘Naked Ladies’

Lycoris squamigera

Lycoris squamigera

The Lycoris squamigera are in bloom, also referred to as ‘naked ladies’. We have them growing in part shade ( they also do well in sun) along the display beds. Lycoris are in the Amaryllis family, their foliage comes up in early spring and then dies back, then reappears in late August. Long naked stems grow from where they had spent some summer dormancy, then their wonderful and fragrant blooms appear. The blooms do resemble an amaryllis, this particular species having flowers that are pinkish with a lilac tinge to them. They look wonderful popping up among all the green in the shade gardens. Lycoris is also often referred to as ‘Resurrection flower”, because of its early spring emergence, then mid summer dormancy, only to reappear ‘as if from the dead’ with it’s wonderful blooms. Picture 1652
Still so much to enjoy in the gardens. We often do much of our transplanting and filling in spots around the gardens during the later part of August and throughout September. The rain we’ve been having is very helpful. The nursery continues to be busy with gardeners doing the same….getting a few more things into their gardens before the snow flies! Still plenty of Lycoris for sale here at the nursery! We will welcome the cooler months of fall as they approach, but can’t wish for the summer to end any time soon, there’s still so much to do.

21 comments on “‘Naked Ladies’

    • We’ll certainly have to savor these last few days of summer….of course Fall will give us some time to ease into……..that season we won’t mention. The lycoris are a lovely flower, we are certainly enjoying them! Has it been raining in N.H.?

      • Truer words were never spoken ๐Ÿ˜‰ it’s just like college all over again. Except for the naked ladies. And… I didn’t have a yard. Nevermind, I guess it’s nothing like college. I’ll go have a cry now…

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