The Gardens Right Now

Some beauties that are gracing the display gardens at the moment……. This variegated Cimicifuga is quite eye catching

Cimicifuga simplex variegata

Cimicifuga simplex variegata

Picture 1692
The kirengeshoma palmata is just opening
Kirengeshoma palmata

Kirengeshoma palmata

Phlox paniculata ‘ Norah Leigh’ and Lobelia cardinalis are looking beautiful
phlox paniculata ' Norah Leigh'

phlox paniculata ‘ Norah Leigh’

Lobelia cardinalis

Lobelia cardinalis

And how about Chelone glabra and the native Helianthus divaricata?
Chelone galbra

Chelone glabra

Helianthus divaricata

Helianthus divaricata

This daddy longleg spider certainly finds the rich blue flowers of Gentiana asclepiadae worth visiting. Great plants for the fall garden, and most still available here at the nursery!
Gentiana asclepiadea

Gentiana asclepiadea

Picture 1670

9 comments on “The Gardens Right Now

  1. I need to think about getting more fall bloomers–my gardens are looking pretty worn out right now. And it’s been so hot for upstate New York! Are you needing to water constantly?

    • Hi Kerry, yes, we’ve had a lack of rain recently , and watering is a daily occurrence. Not so much in the gardens , but in the nursery the pots can quickly dry out.Hope this last bit of summer weather lingers, it’s nice to be able and get things done!

  2. That variegated Actaea is gorgeous!! I have never seen that before. One of these days I need to make a trip out to visit you and the nursery!! Fall is an amazing time to really appreciate all the abundance of nature!

  3. Lovely, all those fall blooms. I also like fall blooming anemone, the tall pink ones, planted with spring blooming oriental poppies that die back and then the anemones fill in and bloom this month. Also, love your header pic with the maidenhair fern. I need to plant more fall bloomers and ferns next year.

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