_DSC1698Yep, off to Ireland at the end of the week. Our first stop before arriving back in Kilorglin will be the Ballinasloe horse fair in County Galway. We’ll surely be glad to see our friends there and to be celebrating the birthday of one of the ‘leading men’ ( pictured above) in Sally’s book, A Fair Day. Here at home, I’ll be scrambling to get the last of the gardens harvested, the ram lambs moved back home, and a couple more cords of wood stacked. The rest……can wait.

18 comments on “Ireland!

  1. It was wonderful to meet you and Sally last weekend ~ and to see the Rolling Scone ~ ~and all the beautiful yarn ~ and bunnies in person!
    Enjoy your return to Ireland, and have safe travels!
    (will be curious what fun things might turn up in your luggage….)
    Melody πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Melody, it was great meeting you as well! So glad you’ve found a retreat here in Maine…to fix up and enjoy! One never knows what might find a spot in my luggage for the return across the pond…..I’ll keep you posted! Keep in touch.

    • Hey Melody,
      trying to figure out how to follow your blog, really amazing what a numb-scull i am about such things…..computers mostly. How do i do this? Also do you have an email I can sent a note too. Mine is After meeting you at the CCF I was off to Ireland and am now just being able to settle in and read your lovely blog … it. You and I sure do have a lot in common, right down to the heart rocks! I’ll be in Ireland for another week……oh, Ireland….my heart does pitter patter here. Hope you are well and enjoying the fall weather an also I hope you visit when you come to Frye Mountain. Take care and let me know how to follow your blog!!

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