Don’t Text While Riding

Ballinasloe 2015 115Well, at least he is technically just a passenger! After several days of traveling through Ireland…….the horse fair in Ballinasloe, a visit to the Aran Islands, and a few stops as we made our way south west to Kilorglin, we are finally settled in at Sally’s home. Ahhh! It always feels fine and dandy to be back here. After a long growing season, days from sunup to sundown, coming to Ireland is the most restorative thing I could do. I find delight in every moment being here. I’ll post a few photos from our first day at the horse fair. I love the kids who whip around the fair grounds on their ponies. The great faces and smiles of the Irish._DSC5110_DSC4944_DSC4839_DSC4988Ballinasloe 2015 021Ballinasloe 2015 123 Later, I’ll fill readers in on a very special visit to Inis Mor to meet a friend whom I’ve been corresponding with. Most definitely a highlight of my visit. IMG_1696Ballinasloe 2015 139When I get back to my own wonderful place on earth……home to Maine, there will still be plenty to do. Two pigs to butcher, 70 meat birds to process, and several lambs to put into the freezer. The apple harvest has been amazing this year, so lots of cider pressing and another fruit to preserve for winter. For now, I won’t think to much about these chores, I’ll just savor my time here in Ireland for a bit! Ballinasloe 2015 047Ballinasloe 2015 105Ballinasloe 2015 029

10 comments on “Don’t Text While Riding

  1. Oh, what a wonderful trip! It’s neat that you’re so at home there and don’t have to do the touristy stuff–you’re seeing more of the real faces and places of Ireland. I love the men wearing those tweedy hats! But I think my favorite photo is the one of the maze of stone wall–I know the kind of work that went into picking those stones . . .

    • Hi Kerry, It is grand being here and yes the best part is being in the same little town. I do get to develop friendships with people who live…..have dinner, go walking, and visiting,………it certainly allows for really getting to know a place and it’s community. Aren’t those stone walls from the Aran Islands amazing……so much work, so much history!! Put Ireland on your bucket list!

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