Picture 1807Since being home from Ireland we have been finishing up with our winter’s wood supply. We view firewood as an important economy in our household, a full shed of seasoned hardwood is like money in the bank. Better than money in the bank, I think. I like living a life that places value on commodities besides the almighty dollar. Firewood, a hefty storage of root vegetables , a pantry full of preserved foods, freezers full of meat, sourdough starter, are all considered precious assets. Let’s not forget pesto…..very ritzy! What we choose to value in life is really a choice. We may all do this differently, and that’s o.k., we certainly value personal choice. Here we not only value the things we can provide without having to spend a great deal of money, we also value time. We value our community. We value our friends. We value working at a lifestyle that allows us all to spend time together. Rick and I eat lunch together almost everyday……I love and value this. Fall is a busy time here at the nursery and farm. Securing our ‘savings’ in the way of the commodities I’ve mentioned takes time. We are always careful not too spend too much time trying to place a monetary value on the time it takes us to provide many of these things. We would probably feel pretty defeated, wondering what we are doing wrong. But then we remind ourselves that true value …….enormous, over the moon value….. can be placed also on feeling good about one’s life. We value our life, we value the freedom to make these choices, we value the energy that we have to make this life work. All of a sudden we feel incredibly rich…..and we are.

14 comments on “Economies

    • Thank you so much, Wally….I read your comment to Rick, I think he also holds those lunches together pretty dear to his heart. Can’t put a price on such things. It is certainly my great fortune to have Rick in my life! Thanks you again for putting such kind words to it…. denise

  1. You said it! You are living the life my grandparents lived in a good, hard working community. They did not have a big bank account but they had a wonderful life that brought family and friends to want to visit and share the experience. You and your hubby have figured out the meaning of life. 🙂

    • As I get older Judy I seem to ponder these things more frequently…….you can do a lot of thinking while stacking wood. Perhaps as we age we recognize and see the real value in quality not quantity. Everyday I try and remind myself of these choices we make, why we make them, and to be grateful for the bounty we feel we have……even if it’s measured in butternut squash!

  2. Absolutely. The greatest value is our freedom to choose our own path to self-sufficiency. Riches come from knowing ourselves well enough to seek the niche that fits us.

    • Well, after a very lovely visit to the Aran Islands, I am greatly comforted to know there is a very cool and devoted family placing value on a very similar lifestyle….Hope you too enjoy a million delicious and hearty lunches with your man ….all while gazing out at that wild and beautiful view of the Atlantic. Priceless, right? Blessing to all of you…..from your friend and fellow homesteader here in Maine!

  3. Funny, I looked at our stacks of firewood a few days ago and said to my husband, “It makes me feel rich.” There’s something about the bounty of fall that is particularly satisfying. A lovely post!

  4. What a great post! I know you loved Ireland but being away also seems to have given you a real appreciation for home and hearth. You’ll be snug and well-fed and, yes, wealthy in all that matters, this winter!

    • I am fairly certain there were days gone by when small farms were still a familiar scene and the economies I speak of were put to practice. We are lucky here at Fernwood to have such bounty and to recognize the different ‘bounties’that all contribute to our household economy.

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