A Moon Poem

Picture 1829

He, To His Wife

Sit with me here on the landing
and watch how the moon hangs
like some pale, winter fruit
in the branches of our crabapple tree.
I noticed it last night, but you
had gone to bed. And since last night
the moon has ripened and is full
and looks ready to plummet off the tree
and drop below the horizon.
Sit down here beside me.
It’s not something we’ll see
every month. The leaves will hide it,
or the clouds. One of us will be away,
or we’ll both be asleep and it will rise
and hang in the branches without us.
How odd not to have seen it before now;
to have lived in this house a year
and not had a cloudless night when the leaves
were down and the moon was waxing.
How soon will it be before clear weather
again reveals it in its brightest phase
hanging in those bare limbs?
We ought to watch the skies more faithfully
and try to be here on the stairs
to catch the next rare conjunction
of the moon in our tree
Come sit with me in the dark for awhile.

by Paul Corrigan

5 comments on “A Moon Poem

    • Yes, the photo I took early morning on my way to do the sheep chores. The poem has been a favorite for many years, in fact, it has lived tacked to the fridge since before the kids were born. Hope all is well on your side of the pond…..quite cold here at night, fires burning and hats on!

  1. Denise, full moons are very special to me – thanks for sharing such a delightful picture and poem!
    Paula (Bonnie’s friend from RI)

    • Hi Paula! I certainly remember you visiting with Bonnie……it was a delight day chatting away, discovering common ground with both of you…..and now we also know, the moon in its many glorious and luminous phases brings us to yet another connection. Hope you are well and looking forward to the restorative winter months ahead.
      Blessings to you, denise

  2. I love this, and especially right now. My husband and I watched that big, full moon rise, from Cadillac Mountain last week–I was so glad we were there, at the perfect time, and shared it!

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