Fall Days

Picture 1813We have been blessed with an incredibly warm and beautiful Fall. A little rain here and there, just enough , I would say. A few cold and cloudy days, days we’re happy to come in to enjoy the warmth of a fire in the woodstove. What I like best about Fall is the pace. A big list still sits on the table, I’m afraid we’ll never be without a big list. But the way we go about tackling the tasks does seem less intense. Perhaps our bodies (and minds) are naturally winding down for the restorative season of winter. The days begin with a little less urgency……we wait for the sun to come up, we have a second cup of coffee, we look over the days work and make a plan. Right now, the very last of the firewood is being stacked ( some for next year, too!). More apples are being pressed for a winter’s supply of cider. Some of the gardens are being cut back and the soil amended. The animals are all being brought home to their winter lodging. The studio will have it’s roof on this weekend, the wiring done, and we’ll insulate the loft area. More yarn is being spun and dyed. Yes, there is a hefty list for sure, but I am enjoying the fact that we are not feeling so frenzied with having to cross off an entire list in one day. I want November to linger, I want to feel everyday as a gift of time. Perhaps the slower pace of these Autumnal days allows us to be a bit more present in our world, I like that. So off I go, list in hand and with no terrible urgency, to pay attention to my day! I hope you are all enjoying these beautiful days of Fall!

14 comments on “Fall Days

    • Hey Ya Melody,
      yep…Fall in all its brilliant colors and smells….a good time to be in Maine! ( and to hibernate, i’m all about hibernating) I have read your blog( sent you a message, too)…we have a lot in common. More to talk about next time you are in Maine…shoot for coming to a Sunday afternoon knitting/craft gathering. Would love for you to come! Hope all your critters are well…stay in touch!

      • Hmmmm, I didn’t see a message…. will have to go peek around some more, look under things, like when you loose a sock. Most times we have to return back south on Sundays, but if we are around about ~would love to pop in for craft time one day! Definitely look forward to visiting again some time! 🙂 Mel

        • Geeze….sure hope I didn’t send that very nice message to some other person! It was on your site let me know if you find it. I spoke with my friend Sally yesterday and told her that you would appreciate our tea with donkeys……..seeing how you also like to adorn your critters with holiday festives ( blog ). Hope you’ll try and stop in when you’re up this way! denise

        • starting to chuckle a little now (quietly to myself, so people don’t stare)…. I even looked on the post with the dressed up farm animals, just in case; and in my sock drawer, just in case. Do you have a secret code name you use when leaving very nice messages? ha ha…. I can’t find you?!!
          but, I can totally appreciate tea with donkeys, or cats or dogs, or sheep, I’m easy, so long as there is tea! :))))))
          We WILL stop in when passing thru ~ will be fun to say hello, and meet the sheep? 🙂

        • Perhaps some other Melody is reading my meaasgae wondering what the heck I am talking about….tea with donkeys, ponies with scarfs??? Perhaps we’ve put a bug in someone’s ear and they’re considering the possibilities….We’ll see you when you come to Maine, and yes I am quite certain the ‘woolies’ would love a visit too.

  1. I did some volunteer gardening this morning and laughed at myself because my pace of walking from spot to spot was so much slower. LOL I’m physically tired and ready for some inside stuff that is less physical. I can only imagine how you feel after 24/7. I’m staying tuned to see how the studio develops and what shows up on the events list. 🙂

    • I’ll keep you posted with studio events , Judy. The studio is a big deal for us, I am so excited about having a space to teach more classes….both gardening and craft! Yes, I agree, such nice weather to be working outdoors and getting things done, but also an urge to be inside by the fire, hunker down and work on crafts!

  2. Hi Denise,
    I’m glad that the nice weather has continued and you are enjoying a leisurely pace, preparing for winter. Lisa has sold her baby donkeys. All 8 of the adults approached in a line to see me when I visited last. So much fun to see them coming toward me as their names were called. Take care and I look forward to reading more of your blog this winter.

    • Hi Liz, Would have loved to have had one of those baby donkeys! Afraid we’re at carrying capacity with regards to critters. Are you in Florida now? I keep mentioning to Sally that she missing some mighty fine Fall weather here in Maine! Great to hear from you Liz…..checked out the lace curtain site by the way, now I know what to do with all that old lace from my grandmother! Thanks for reading!

      • Hi Denise, love your posts! They bring back memories of my visit to Maine, the happiest week of my summer! I’m curious about the lace curtain site you mentioned and hope you will share it with me as I love to find ways of re-purposing old items.
        Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

        • Hi Paula,
          So happy to hear your visit was memorable, I remember how the tree of us chatted on and on about all the things we like and have in common….a great visit. I will search for the lace curtain site, a friend sent it to me ( a while back). Basically it was a beautiful curtain hanging in the window of an old door, the curtain was sewn together with old pieces of lace…..it wasn’t ‘how to’ site, just a photo. But it looked as though someone simply took squares of old lace and patch worked them together to make a curtain. I’ll be making one of these for the old door in the studio for sure…..finally a way to use and display all that old lace from my grandmother! it was lovely. i’ll keep searching for picture. stay in touch!

  3. I like November, too. The weather is almost always better than I expect it to be and, because I rushed to get the outside work done in October, November does feel more mellow. Plus, I love Thanksgiving and it’s coming soon!

    • Hi Kerry, It is a lovely time of year and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I love cooking and serving a meal consisting of almost entirely the food we have raised. Very gratifying . We also have an eclectic bunch for dinner, along with family…..this makes for great conversation and sharing….food,family, and friends…..very nice!

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