The Roof Goes On!

Picture 1830This weekend we put the metal roofing on the studio building. The studio has been one of the summer/fall projects we’ve been working on. Why do we need a studio here at Fernwood? Having a building to give more lectures and classes will be a great help. Rick will certainly offer up more horticultural classes, talks on specific plants or groupings of plants, and hands-on workshops. Over the last few years, people have requested more ‘talks’ and workshops that focus on the native and woodland plants we grow, shade gardening, and a multitude of other gardening/farming/ and craft related topics. Of course there will be lots of wool dyeing, felting, knitting, and art classes available, that’s just a given…..and completely indulgent on my part! Now that the roof is on, we’ll be focusing on the inside. This next weekend the woodstove will go in to allow us to work comfortably throughout the next month. A bit more wiring, insulating, and trimming out windows are next on the list. With hopes ( and well wishes!) the studio will be ready by January. We’re planning on a mid week yoga class taught by a friend of ours. A writing workshop has stirred some interest…..winter being a great time to indulge in the craft of writing. Rick has agreed to a winter walk and plant identification class. Part of the excitement has been in developing a line up of class possibilities……and suggestions are always welcome! We’ll certainly be listing class offerings as we get closer to finishing up the construction……stay tuned!

18 comments on “The Roof Goes On!

    • Thank you , Judy! Now that you know that Maine is a great place to visit…all kinds of sights, and good eats, and Fiber College in September……a visit to the studio should be in the lineup….you could come and teach a quilting class! I’ll provide the scone this time, for real!

    • Oh, that’s great to hear! We’ll be sure to keep you posted. I think after the holidays we’ll all feel like gathering to make things, or write things, or even begin to consider the design of our spring gardens. Oh, the plans I have for this studio!!

  1. That is so cool, quaint, inviting, charming. I want to take a class !! Can’t wait for interior photos. Much love, learning and laughter will pour forth from this sanctuary. 💖

    • We spoke about how precious this studio is (will be!) when complete…..A writing workshop in January to kick things off, not one I will teach but will participate in . Wish you were able to join us! Thanks for the support and cheering on, Melissa! We’ll keep you posted!

  2. Your studio is looking great! I’m impressed by how much progress you’ve made on it since I was there in late summer. Looking forward to hearing about those classes and lectures.

    • Hello Jean, it has been a long process, for sure. With the nursery and it’s busy season , working on the studio happens in fits and starts. We’re are getting there and cannot wait to offer more classes and lectures here! We’ll surely keep you posted!

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