Someone Has Beaten Me to It…….

For all of those who read our last post regarding the chickens and their yearly molting process…..knitting sweaters for all the Henny Penny’s in the chicken coop isn’t completely out of the question. A reader sent along this site to confirm that some chickens are truly pampered!

8 comments on “Someone Has Beaten Me to It…….

  1. I hope that link was meant to be humorous because the idea that a farmer or a homesteader would dress and undress chickens is pretty funny. 🙂 I can see the same person who puts a coat and boots on a dog putting a sweater on a chicken but that person is not me. LOL Happy Monday.

  2. Looks like great minds think alike with chicken sweaters! ~
    …. I am feeling bad for my potential Sponsor chicken, having to depend on my sewing skills for warmth. Maybe if i wrap it in fabric (like you’d wrap a bowling ball), and cut out some leg holes… and I could lop off a sleeve of my sweater for a scarf/turtle neck sort of affair…. This is good, keeps the crafting skills sharp. :)))))

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