Warm Fall Days

Just as we had been put on hold this past spring with regards to the nursery and gardens, while the winter’s weather lingered on into the warmer months and caused us to postpone certain early seasonal tasks, we are now experiencing another unusual climate trend that has altered our ‘to do’ list. Most everyone has been somewhat grateful for the mild temperatures we’ve been experiencing throughout the fall. It has given us a chance to feel less harried about the many things that need to be done before winter sets in. Here at the nursery we continue to tackle projects outdoors with an eerie sense that we’re getting away with something. We are, right? It’s not supposed to be THIS warm, is it? If you have lived in the Northeast your entire life you know very well what the weather can do from October on….. Cold. Sleet. Snow. Even a bone chilling rain. We have to admit that these lovely fall days have given us time to ‘finish’ things up without scrambling. We have continued to work in the gardens, amending soil and cutting things back. The ease of continuing to work on the studio, without tramping through snow, has been a blessing. We’ve been cutting and hauling firewood, moving equipment, and pulling fence, all without having to endure bitterly cold temperatures and a slippery slope. However, we are doing these things while also being mindful that this change in temperature is not necessarily a gift….it’s a result. If you care to read about the causes ( both natural and human) of climate change, please consider reading this article: http://www3.epa.gov/climatechange/science/causes.html As we reap the benefits of this mild autumn, I can’t help but consider some of the real reasons behind these seemingly endless warm weather days. I understand, as the article clearly points out, that a natural change in weather patterns can be traced for over millions of years. The difference is that the rapid change in climate is most pronounced after the industrial revolution. I think we’d be kidding ourselves to believe that our human impact on the earth and the atmosphere is not significantly responsible for the increase and extreme nature of these changes. It brings a little heaviness to those gorgeous days, doesn’t it? We can’t just wish the damage that has been done to go away, we are reminded of the reality every time we step outside these days leaving our winter jackets on their hooks. So, do we stop enjoying a warm sunny day? Do we feel perpetually bad about ourselves as humans every time the temperature hovers around the high fifties in late fall? No, I don’t think that’s the answer. But we can be mindful of the change that is taking place, why it may be happening so quickly, and commit to doing as many things as we can to discontinue any great further damage. Having this as part of a solution allows us to feel invested in our days here as we live on planet earth. Let’s do our part….for all the days ahead.

4 comments on “Warm Fall Days

  1. I am very ambivalent about this weather are having, too–it’s nice in the moment but when I think about what it means . . . it’s super scary. And, of course, we hear stories every day about other parts of the country and the world where equally unusual, but AWFUL, weather events are occurring. It’s hard to be optimistic . . .

    • I think exactly the same way you do. It is like waiting for the other climate shoe to drop. Our NH peach trees were dramatically damaged by the last winter season, and as each warm day arrives, I wonder what kind of damage is happening this year. Scary is the right word.

      • Well, Judy….fortunately there are folks like yourself that are paying attention, willing to admit there is a problem, and doing what we can in our own quiet lives to try and make a difference. It matters, I think. It’s hard to imagine that a warm and beautiful day in the middle of November can have us scratching our heads. Best to you my thoughtful friend!

    • So very true Kerry, and yet I work hard to look to a positive and healthy future…..do as much as we can to ensure health and safety and clean living for our future generations. We’re handing over a bit of a mess, I guess I feel very much obliged to do all I can to make a difference. Thanks for sharing your wise and thoughtful words!

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