Did I Mention ?

Picture 1925Did I mention that we have an angora rabbit living with us now? Hunny Bunny actually belongs to my friend Sally. He has recently become another winter resident here at the nursery. He is sweet and friendly and spends a great deal of time exploring the nooks and crannies of our household. And guess what……. in-house angora fiber to spin!!!! How cool is that!
One of Hunny Bunny’s favorite resting spots is among the art and craft books. Who doesn’t like to curl up with a good book?
His fur is very soft and silky, and is a wonderful silver color . After spinning up several bobbins of this luxury fiber, I’ll use most of it for knitting winter headbands. The soft angora is perfect for the inside lining of a wool hat or headband, and it doesn’t really itch like wool. I’ll finish the one I’m knitting up for a Christmas gift and post some pictures.

11 comments on “Did I Mention ?

    • He has an extra large cage that he most often resides in, but likes to have his freedom romping around the house. Yes, he actually ‘does his business’in a litter box. Pretty cool, heh? Sometimes he leaves a few ‘marbles’ before he makes it though.He is quite cute!

    • He is Bonnie….I guess rabbits naturally poop in the same place. He is very good about making his deposits into his litter box. He does have a fancy cage that he spends his time in also. …..when he’s not reading, that is.

  1. What a cutie. It’s very interesting to me about the itchiness – I wonder if one can buy 100% angora yarn. And how is it for shedding? I can’t do mohair, it gets into my eyes and throat like crazy.

    • I have always tried to use angora spun yarn for the inside of my headbands because the fur is really not itchy. I would not say that it sheds but I’m sure it depends on how tightly you spin it. I don’t spin angora with a tight twist simply because I love how it ‘ blooms’ after a bit of wear……it fluffs but doesn’t seem to shed, creates a bit of a halo. There is some guard hair…..this is very soft also and probably what would shed if it were to. Perhaps they remove the guard hair in commercially prepared angora, like they do with cashmere. You can spin it alone ( I often do) but also you could blend it with a bit of sheep’s wool ( a very soft sheep’s wool to maintain that character) to give it some elasticity, being hair it really has no spring to it. It is really wonderful…a bit slippery to spin, like spinning fluff. I’ll keep you posted and will photograph some of the headbands!

  2. I just wrote to Judy a couple of days ago that I’ve read you can spin the angora wool with the rabbit sitting next to you and you pulling the fur out as you spin! Is that what you do? It sounds like it would be uncomfortable for the bunny but what I read said they liked it fine. He’s super cute.

    • Hi Kerry, No i don’t spin this way but I have seen people do it. i think it is much more agreeable to the bunny if you gently pluck their hair independently from the job of spinning( it actually comes out quite easily as the rabbit naturally sheds) and concentrate on that task first. Pluck first , spin later. He is cute isn’t he, and quite friendly.

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