Adventures With The Teardrop

Picture 2079Picture 2009We decided to roll out the teardrop trailer for one last adventure before the snow flies. We will get some snow, won’t we? I am counting on that, you know. This warm weather, however, did allows us to hike up into the field to have a little camp out. I made a stew with some turkey and sausage, and a skillet of cornbread with cheddar and caramelized onion. Not too shabby for a meal around the campfire. There was tea, of course…always TEA to go along with any TEArdrop adventure. Here are some photos of that perfect afternoon in December….. Picture 2076Picture 1980Picture 2005Picture 2085Picture 2068Picture 2010Picture 2028Picture 2094

13 comments on “Adventures With The Teardrop

  1. Okay, so I know this is against the rules but I covet, COVET, that camper! It’s so adorable and so perfectly appointed with rustic, vintage fun. Were you a photo stylist for Country Living or Yankee magazine in a previous life?

  2. KerryCan, I only covet the iron wagon. It reminds me of luggage wagons used at the railroad stations. Does it have a special purpose, other then holding firewood?

  3. I LOVE each and every photo. Oh my gosh – the whole post is picture perfect – the trailer, the wagon, the little tree, the dishes, the arrangements. There’s a new business for you in loading up the teardrop and renting it out for big bucks because no one could do it this well. Applause, applause. πŸ™‚

  4. The Rolling Scone looks delightful–down to every detail. It has a bit of a gypsy-caravan look from an old-world story book. I expect to see a wee hedge hog curled up in the corner.
    There’s something about the shape and efficiency of teardrops that makes them particularly appealing. They always seem to draw a crowd of gawkers and picture-takers at campgrounds. Add delicious food and I think your business idea is a winner.

    • Thank you…..we do have the greatest time cruising around Maine in the teardrop. So often we would be pulled over at some incredible scenic spot…one the big rigs can’t get into…and have ourselves a full and fancy gourmet meal. Seemed like a perfect side business to the nursery here at Fernwood. An intimate, one of a kind, made to order, experience for anyone who would like to have it. We’ll keep you posted! And yes, maybe a hedgehog curled in the corner….I agree!

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