Picture 2140Please don’t be upset with me. We are finally getting the long-awaited snowstorm, and it makes me so happy! A winter that doesn’t act like winter makes me uncomfortable. Winter should know its place and behave accordingly. Snow. Cold. Frozen ponds and lakes. Are you with me on this? I’m not sure the sheep are, but they’re designed for this kind of weather. Built-in winter coats? Sunny Florida is not the place for them, they belong right here where the cold will encourage them to grow long and heavy fleeces. And you know what that means, plenty of scrumptious Blue Face Leicester wool for me to spin and knit with. So……let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! I think I actually see a smile on the sheep’s faces, don’t you? Picture 2142

18 comments on “Finally!

  1. I totally agree, we wouldn’t have fruit on our trees, some seeds wouldn’t germinate, the list goes on, here in the UK we have13/14 degrees centigrade. It’s just not right and I have some new woolies that desperately need wearing. Keep warm and enjoy….Sue

    • Yes, we should have winter if for nothing more than to wear all that wool. I love wearing wool……last year I pretty much lived in wool long underwear ( minus 33 brand-merino) underneath some Filson wool pants. It does help to live in an area where wool is an acceptable fashion choice. We’ll put our heads together and wish for the weather to act more appropriately. Good to hear from you!

  2. Those sheep are totally smiling! And I would be too if I were you! No snow so far for London and sadly no place to keep sheep. I’ll just have to live vicariously through your adorable herd! Stay warm!

    • Thank you! Doing chores in a snowstorm always makes me feel like I’m really contributing the needs of hungry bellies…..braving the elements and all, you know! And the sheep are always grateful for a little extra grain on these frosty mornings…I think I am a Tomten at heart! Glad you are enjoying the blog…thank you!

    • You remember! Yes, in another month those rascally ravens will be back for bedding! I’m sure the sheep look forward to it, by then they are getting heavy with wool and happy to spare some…for a good cause, of course. A bit of sleety stuff here today as well, but mostly snow. Thank goodness.

  3. I am TOTALLY with you, people should NOT be arriving for Christmas wearing shorts!!…. It is just wrong in New England!!!
    Sadly we only got “slush” today…. and even that turned to rain.
    I watched the weather report this morning,…seeing the swath of snow spreading across Maine and heaved a great big sigh, and trudged out into the sleety slop to feed the ponies. Ah well, it was white for an hour anyway.
    Yup, I think the sheep ARE indeed smiling. :)))))

    • Howdy Melody,
      Oh, I’ll send some Jack Frost wishes your way….I love winter, I love the snow, and I love tending the animals during a snowstorm. They all have such a contented look on their faces munching their hay as the snow falls around them. Oh, peace on earth….this is it! You know this, too!

  4. As much as I did like the warm weather, I have to admit I’m relieved we got snow–and I would think the sheep would be very relieved. They must’ve been sweltering inside those wool coats!

    • Yes, I think we often concern ourselves more than we need to with regards to livestock….sheep, cows, goats…..they really are well built for the elements. The sheep have a great barn to retreat to, always plenty of food, yet they often choose to be right out in the thick of it when the weather turns bad. I think you are right , the colder temps a relief while adorning heavy wool coats!

  5. What, you’re not going to knit little hats to keep the snow off the sheep’s ears? They are lovely sheep, by the way. It’s still spitting snow here and I’m about to take Zoe out for a snowy walk. She’ll be smiling even more than your sheep.

    • All dogs love snow, I think. Enjoy the day and the walk! I’m counting on the wooly tufts that are between my sheep’s ears to count as warm hats…….maybe a scarf once in awhile, just for kicks.

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