Yarn From Some Happy Sheep In Maine

Picture 735The sheep (and their shepherd) here at Fernwood would like folks to know that we have a winter yarn CSA available ( CSA- Community Supported Agriculture). Purchase a 3-month membership and we will send you a skein and a ‘one-skein’ knitting pattern each month. Beautiful, hand dyed, soft and lustrous skeins of yarn from our flock of Blue Face Leicester sheep. Though it hasn’t been one of our coldest winters on record, and perhaps there has been less need to bundle up in woolens, we do hope you’re still finding an opportunity( and reason!) to knit. If you are interested in Fernwood’s Yarn CSA and would like more information, email us please and I will promptly send along all the details. Thank you and stay warm!Picture 2104

6 comments on “Yarn From Some Happy Sheep In Maine

  1. Oh, those faces! Your yarn is beautiful! I don’t knit either but the idea of a CSA is a very good one. I like how that concept seems to be growing and expanding.

    • Hi Kerry,
      I was actually suggested by a friend of mine It seemed like a very good way to collaborate with my flock of woolies to help with their upkeep. It takes a village and its critters to keep things afloat! I do hope folks appreciate the yarn and that it makes knitters happy. Wintry day here in Maine…yeah! Thank you, Kerry!

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