Early Risers

Hepatica transylvanica

Hepatica transylvanica

The last couple of days have felt very much like spring is just around the corner. Warmer, longer days with stronger sunlight, and even a little mud are reminders of what is to come. Maybe I’m just daydreaming too much. The reality is that we could be thrown into some very cold weather at any time. This weather does get my gardening blood going, though, with visions of those plants that will be the earliest to show, emerging from the previously frozen ground. Soon we’ll be checking daily to see which one it will be. Depending on the location in the gardens and the amount of snow cover, we have had springs/winters where the first plants are up the beginning of March. Though welcome, it is not always a good situation for the plants if a real cold snap follows and hopefully, that won’t happen this year. Unfortunately, many of our customers do not come to the nursery early enough to see the real early risers and spring ephemerals.
In developing a list of talks and presentations in our new studio, we thought it would be informative and fun to have one on the earliest of plants that grow and bloom in our gardens. It is a great time of the year for plants other than the traditional spring bulbs. So watch for this and other talks we are planning to have this year. The winter will eventually end and another gardening season begins.
Helleborus thibetanus

Helleborus thibetanus

7 comments on “Early Risers

    • With the weather being as it has been, it seems these little woodland gems could pop up any time! lets hope not though, winter could still come back with chilling temps. Looking forward to all these early risers!

  1. I love that Hepatica; I need to get some of those into my garden. Between the warm temperatures, the snow melt, and the mud, the last two days have felt more like late March than the beginning of February. But it isn’t really the end of March; we need to wait to start gardening. Most of my garden is still under snow.

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