Writing In The Studio!

We are offering our first workshop in the studio at the end of this month. A writing workshop, lead by Linda Buckmaster, called the Winter Toolkit. Here’s how Linda describes the class:
The Writer’s Toolkit
Most writers, no matter what their style, topic, or genre, pull from a similar box of tools for their writing. These include image, language, voice, structure, character, time, and narrative. The unique possibilities are endless. Language itself includes word choice, diction, rhythm, metaphor, and even silence.
We will spend time looking at some of these tools and how other writers have used them. Writing prompts and exercises will give you the opportunity to practice what you learn. You will be writing in either prose or poetry, and you will get a start on material you may develop beyond the class. There will be a homework assignment after the first class. You will be writing!

Linda has a remarkable reputation as a writer and poet. She lives fairly close, in the small coastal town of Belfast. She has taught and helped many folks to improve their writing. We’re thrilled to have her! I’ll include a profile from her website, http://lsbuck1.blogspot.com/
‘She’s been a national magazine editor, window washer, waitress, day care teacher, chambermaid, hippie homesteader, journalist, meat wrapper, sales clerk, dance teacher, horse logger, and Belfast Poet Laureate.Now she works for a nonprofit and teaches in the University of Maine System. And . . . she’s writing, working on a collection of essays called “Hullabaloo on the Space Coast: A Memoir of Place’.
I’m really excited about this opportunity. The studio will not be absolutely complete, but the woodstove will be making heat, the lights will be bright, and tea and scones will be available to refresh us. At the moment, we have one spot open if anyone wants to put pen to paper and join us.The workshop consists of two 2 1/2 hour classes. The first class is Saturday, January 30th from 10:00- 12:30, the second is February 5th, 10:00-12:30. (February 12th, snow date). If you are interested, call us at (207) 589-4726 or email us at fernwoodnursery@fairpoint.net, we’ll be happy to provide more detail.
I’ve already begun thinking about the stories I’d like to get started on, and I’m looking forward to having someone like Linda here to guide us in the craft of writing. Winter provides just the right mental landscape for reflection and storytelling……can’t wait!