Those That Know You

Picture 2306Picture 2311Picture 2314Those that really know you will often find things like this ‘Successful Farming By Successful Farmers’ book printed in 1900 and pass them your way. They do this just knowing you will be simply delighted. My mom, who’s great at finding second-hand goodies, found a copy of this for me. I love the illustrations and the tried and true knowledge it offers to readers. This was probably a very practical text back in the day. I know we now have this handy tool called the internet to look up information. If I want to I can find many sites explaining the nutritional value of adding barley or oats to our grain mix. There’s plenty of material out there regarding soil fertility or green manures. Go to google and one can search for just about anything. I sure do love books though, and these old manuals are chock full of old timey insights and practical know-how, all right there in print.
Picture 2318Years ago mom sent over this book ‘The Perfect Woman’ also written in 1900. There were no chapters in there about sharpening your chainsaw or for making a compost or manure tea for the garden. There is a chapter on, ‘The Hair, Its Beauty And Preservation’ but no mention of using a sharp pencil to hold your hair in place or simply wearing a knit hat on particularly bad hair days. One suggestion was to ‘ dress the hair becomingly- avoid whims of fashion. Oh, I’ve avoided whims of fashion alright! Apparently, I could have added some helpful hints to that chapter….not to mention representing the epitome of an efficient woman by keeping a sharp pencil handy. Geeze. The best part of the book are the home remedies in the last chapter. Well, that’s good and practical.
Thanks, mom, for both books…which one do you think I read the most? Picture 2321Picture 2319

8 comments on “Those That Know You

  1. Fascinating. Not sure what Judy would make of that Perfect Womanhood book. I remember my mother had an old book on healthy pregnancy that recommended drinking massive amounts of beer..

    • Oh my goodness…massive amounts of beer, what were they thinking! too funny!One of the best things about these old books is their language…the writing often to the point, not flowery in expression. Far to practical for the like of that!

  2. I love books like these, for their snapshot of a time and place, for the insights they give about what was important to people and what they believed, and for their simple entertainment value!

    • So true……and I am considering exactly what fashion of whimsy I would choose if I were to have a change of heart with regard to my dress code. perhaps removing the sharp pencil from my hair bun and replacing it with a knitting needle?

  3. You definitely would read the farming book first – guarantee it. 🙂 I have a few old cooking books from the early 1900’s from my grandmother. I love looking at them and reading their common sense solutions. The one thing about searching the internet for solutions is that you have no idea if that person knows what they are talking about and if they ever did it in real life or just do it on line.

  4. I’m dying of curiosity to know “Why Greece Led the World,” and “Why She Does Not Lead the World To-Day” and what “she” has to do with graceful development of the body!?!

    • Not sure about this…I have to admit I only skim through ‘The Perfect Woman’. On occasion, it’s the farming publications that I can’t get my nose out of. I’ll try and get to the bottom of your question and find out why Greece was so key in the making of any woman’s attributes.

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