Here….And It’s Very Green

IMG_2674IMG_2694IMG_2693wreaths and things 084wreaths and things 087I’m here in Ireland where it is fairly warm and very green. Rick is reporting from home in Maine where it is super cold and very white.I think he’ll be adding a few posts while I’m away, and I’ll be adding some photos from my days here. Today, here on the south west coast of Ireland? Not much rain. A great deal of sunshine. Some afternoon tea in the garden. Tomorrow? A plan to visit our friend Pat at his sheep farm.IMG_2578IMG_2568

16 comments on “Here….And It’s Very Green

    • Yes, Rick has been keeping me updated with New England weather….sorry about this, but you’ll get your chance over here in Ireland very soon!!! When you visit, I know that you will have plenty to share!

  1. The pony makes me think of Veronica Lake–do you know about her famous hairstyle? Your photos capture all the beauty of that part of Ireland. I’m feeling a little sorry for Rick . . .

  2. So much green I had to avert my eyes! It all looks so Irish. I hope the sunshine continues for you. Soak up all that verdant lushness to tide you over to the Maine spring.

    • Beautiful beyond. words ( and pictures) really…I’m always in the same place, West Coast of Ireland, County Kerry. Thank you, Marion…it has been extremely cold back home in Maine so I feel like I am away at a tropical destination by comparison.

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