Wind And Rain…..Serious Wind And Rain

206215132Back home the temps have dropped. Rick has been keeping the home fires burning, the animals well fed, and the paths shoveled. Here in Ireland, the weather has taken a turn, and the wind and rain (serious wind and rain!) prevail. Picnics are off the list for a day or so. Our plan was to head over to Rossbeigh or to Kells beach in search of lichens for wool dyeing. Perhaps not a good day to be scurrying around on wet slippery rocks. So it looks like we’ll be hunkering down here at home and making bone broth. I guess if we’re not going to be gathering and boiling a pot of lichens to dip wool into, then we may as well simmer a batch of bones. Why am I cooking bones? How about this, I’ll go ahead and cook up some bone broth today, and in the next day or so , I’ll post some pictures and include an explanation of its health benefits. For now, I’ll just go ahead and share with you a few photos from our time spent up in the hills of Treanmanagh. 169108115086189

16 comments on “Wind And Rain…..Serious Wind And Rain

  1. Hi Denise! The pictures are wonderful! Miss you and hope you’re enjoying the lushness of Ireland.

    I’m very close to the Sahara here so it’s very desert-y. I’ve been missing the beauty and moisture of the forest so these photos make me happy.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip. Hope you and Sally are sharing lots of laughs!



    • Hi Amy, My last hooray before the busy season of gardening, the nursery, and teaching classes in the new studio. Glad you like the yarn, so good to hear…the 2nd skein should be arriving any day, if it hasn’t already. Nice to hear from you!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that the weather isn’t cooperating. I’m sure Rick told you that it’s now ridiculously warm in Maine. Felt like real spring today. You have the most amazing (and photogenic) picnics. It seems almost a shame to destroy such beauty by eating it. I don’t know what is in the jars but–being Ireland–the lovely words “clotted cream” come to mind.

  3. You made the best of the sunshine. We had to empty out our rain gauge today–full up with five inches of rain already this month. And just discovered a hole in my wellies! Any tips on mending? Look forward to reading about your bone broth. My intro to it was via Sally Fallon’s ‘Nourishing Traditions’ cookbook, but have still never made it. Perhaps your next post will inspire me to give it a go at last. Hugs to you and Sally…so close, yet so far away. Stay dry and enjoy your time in the kitchen girls!!

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