Inside And Outside

Picture 2446Oh my, what a day! Yesterday afternoon the weather here in mid-coast Maine was glorious. The kind of day that begs you to be outdoors. At Fernwood, it was an inside-outside type of day. The morning was spent indoors giving all the wood floors a good scrub ( mud season, ya know….doggie tracks….boot tracks…you get the picture). The afternoon was spent giving the chicken coop a thorough spring cleaning. The hens hightail it for their outdoor run while I scrape and scrub their henhouse floor…..worried perhaps that they may get tossed into a wheelbarrow of debris. Chickens have a tendency to dramatize any unusual activity. They watch and cluck with interest, ”watcha doin, watcha doin, watcha doin”, they seem to say. Then, when their coop and nesting boxes are squeaky clean and freshly laundered with cedar shavings, in they come, scratching and investigating my work. They seem quite pleased with the job.
Picture 2457Back inside, when I stop for some tea and a quick snack, I am immediately enveloped by the smell of lilies. Rick had brought a large bouquet home for me earlier in the week and they are just now opening. Aaah, delicious. Outdoors, one lonely hellebore ( Helleborus niger) has come into bloom. More to follow, certainly, but each and every blossom is accounted for at this time of year, and no less appreciated than the fragrant and showy lilies that grace the table.

11 comments on “Inside And Outside

  1. Definitely mud season. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve cleaned my share of chicken coops, and the hens are funny when they come back in to check things out. It’s like they are concerned someone moved the furniture. Flowers inside and outside is a wonderful thing. Perks a gardener right up. Have a good weekend, friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Isn’t this weather amazing? I admire you for getting the floor done yesterday. I ignored the indoor chores. I wanted to soak up every minute of the spring weather. My house will be messy until next week when it rains!

    • Had to wipe those paw prints up! I guess we all have our ‘can’t move on to the next thing until’….the floor is my hang- up for sure, and I don’t even like doing it! Much rather be mucking out the chicken coop, for sure!! Enjoy the weekend!

    • We just began uncovering the nursery, much earlier than last year! The hellebore that were undercover look great and many in bud. Always lots of anticipation with uncovering the nursery!

    • Well, plenty of sandy grit and grime, and paw prints, boot prints, and even a bit of hay chafe litter our floors these days. AS poet Kate Barnes says in her poem ‘The House Asleep’…. The rugs cry for the vacuum cleaner, the floor says sweep me, and now please wash me, I want a pure soul.
      Part of the rituals of the season, I guess Kerry, along with this glorious weather and new beginnings! Happy almost Spring to you!!

  3. I can so relate to the spectacular production chickens are so good at performing upon the presence of humans. I often wonder…don’t they know by now that I’m just passing by, caring for them, doing what I always do, etc. Always gives me a giggle. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • It’s no wonder they made that movie ‘Chicken Run’ and what a great job depicting the frenzied chatter and movement of hens. Chickens are silly, really. Our customers will often spend as much time watching the chickens scratch about as they do selecting plants!

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