And The Season Begins

Picture 2475Picture 2468A word from Rick…. We uncovered the nursery plants that have over-wintered in pots this past weekend. It is the second earliest date that we have uncovered in my 30 odd years in the business. The earliest 2 years ago. Last year, on account of the prolonged snow cover and deep cold, it was almost the first of May before we peeled back their protective blankets. We like to do it as soon as possible and let the plants progress as they would in the ground and not be too advanced in soft growth. If allowed to grow under the protective covers they would not be able to withstand the cold and snow that is still to come this spring. Plants brought into most garden centers are from southerly states and may not be able to handle a frost without injury. Our plants look great and there was very little damage from rodents, a major concern and cause for much anxiety when you first pull back the covers. Now that they are uncovered they will require our care, (weeding, watering, etc.), and so another nursery season begins. We love it and look forward to another year of great plants and great customers.

Hellebore plants ready to be cleaned  and trimmed

Hellebore plants ready to be cleaned and trimmed

8 comments on “And The Season Begins

  1. Question for you, Rick. Are these plants in pots sitting on the ground or in the ground? What is the white material used as a cover? The reason I’m asking is that our MG group is going to have to carry over plants from our sale into 2017. Thank you.

    • Hi Judy, yes they are on the ground, placing them up on benches is not recommended because of the air flow that can freeze them from underneath. We use a special nursery cloth for covering, this can be quite expensive…..a good alternative for a small collection of plants is to simply use leaves as a covering.It works well. Good luck and I hope you sell as many plants as you can and that over-wintering any is kept to a minimum.

    • Yep,snow! Hopefully the warmth and bright sun will return and it will melt quickly. So far, we have only uncovered a portion of the nursery. Mostly plants that will not suffer from some cold or snow. Oh my,so much to do! Trying to not panic about the work load and the many chores out in front of us….and I have a cold
      ( humbug)! Breath, breath, breath…this is what I am chanting these days! Best to you …and Happy Spring!!??

  2. Did you get snow today, or are you far enough inland to have escaped? I got less than 3″ at my house, but the NWS station in Gray, which is only 15 miles southeast of me got 7″.

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