A Few Days Short Of April

A few days short of April, another poem by Kate Barnes. I am so very thankful for poetry. Reading a bit of poetry helps to bring some inner quiet to my day. I certainly can use such things to balance the world of our physical demands and my mental clarity. While reading a poem, I sit still, I feel more mindful, I feel less harried. Words of comfort, they are.
On the blog front there is a list of topics to write about, but guess what? That physical world, those outdoor chores, seem to take precedence over almost anything else. Breath, breath, breath, I keep telling myself. All will get done. So please forgive me for any absence and short posts, and thank goodness for the gift of poetry…which I hope you’ll all enjoy.


An April afternoon
of brown grass and mist like
rain, and a wind
coming in buffets out of the
You can’t see any greenness
But you can feel it.
It’s like someone holding his
Or like the silence
Just before a child shouts:
Ally ally infree!

by Kate Barnes

7 comments on “A Few Days Short Of April

    • Thanks, Judy. Music is surely a good thing as well and often becomes my end of the day method of ‘soothing’. Oh, aren’t we smart to have a few relaxation methods up our sleeve for calming the day! Happiest of spring to you , Judy!

  1. I’m with Judy–I go to music (poetry with an accompaniment!) rather than pure poetry but I always like the poems you share with us. Barnes describes that spring anticipation perfectly.

    • It makes me smile to know that we find comfort in such things…music or poetry, so glad that both of you know where to look for it. I like imagining my pals sitting quietly embraced in music, those notes and melodies sinking into their souls ….aahh.

  2. Completely understand that duty calls. Ironically, the busyness that offers so much to write about also uses the time allotted for doing so. No snow here, but sunshine is only a tease as is still cold.

  3. That poem perfectly described the past few days. All mizzle and anticipation. This morning is almost cloudless. I’ve been outside in my bathrobe, coffee in hand, soaking in the crazy excited birdsong. Time to get to work!!

    • Oh, isn’t is joyous when we can finally step outdoors in the early morning, coffee in hand, and greet the day! Love this! Yesterday, while working up in the nursery I really noticed the bird song increasing, what a delight!
      Good day to you!

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