In The Wee Hours…

Picture 2495During our 1 a.m. lamb check we found…. not one, not two, but three little lambs snuggled together, licked clean and with their bellies full. Their very proud and efficient mama was lying close by, not the least bit ruffled from just having delivered triplets!

35 comments on “In The Wee Hours…

  1. ThIs picture is so beautiful. I wish I lived closer so I could visit now, but I live in San Antonio. My sister, Donna, is taking a class there on the 23rd.

    • Not long ago someone asked if we ever tire of seeing lambs born here at the farm…..nope! Every year ( over 25 yrs) of breeding sheep and waiting for lambing season, we still respond the same way….delight!

  2. Pampered ewes they are! With the triplets ( another three born to one ewe this morning) they appreciate a bit of help getting their babes cleaned up, not sure they would welcome the helping hands of humans so well if we weren’t working so intimately with them. And Amy….as I mentioned to Kerry….more scrumptious wool!

    • Yes, coming in threes over here at Fernwood…though I do believe the new ram ‘hero’ has something to do with the prolific numbers. I have been debating whether or not to keep him, he has a bit of ‘nasty attitude’ and not fun to work around!

  3. How adorable are they??? I am find myself picturing all the pretty colored yarn they will provide you with !!… they are just little baby skeins right now! :)))))

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