Some nights when it’s cold and you have a lamb that needs a little extra (one of the triplets that seemed to be getting a bit less than the other two), you haul them indoors for observation and supplemental feeding. As you can see, things become pretty pathetic from there on in……Picture 2497

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    • There is something truly divine in caring ( snuggling) a little lamb or baby goat….they seem to soak up the warmth and nurturing . This little lamb was the third born out of triplets, a little ewe and just needed a bit more oomph than her big brothers!

    • Of course, everyone who comes into the house wants to hold ‘Itty Bitty’ and you can imagine how this will impact her as an adult sheep……I’m sure she’ll always be happy to spend her time with people and consider a sheep flock beneath her!

      • Oh my, what an invitation! Unfortunately, I twisted my ankle yesterday (grrr) and am on forced relaxation for a bit. Our bees arrive tomorrow, so I have to be able to gimp around enough to get them installed (fortunately we have a bee suit for George too). It’s not a bad sprain, but even a few days of not being able to take advantage of this weather is going to about kill me. I will get over to your place before too much longer. Give that little ewe an extra snuggle for me.

    • Hi Cathy,
      Creatures of comfort we are…on both ends of these kinds of relationships! ‘Itty Bitty’ now has free range of the kitchen area , is licked mightily by the dog, and gets picked up and cuddled by anyone who comes in. Can you smother a lamb with too much affection? very near there I think!! Happy to hear from you , Cathy… and happy Spring!

  1. I am so darn jealous, I might have to steal down the road and slip into the farmers flock down the I’ll be on done deal searching for bottle lambs.

    • No worries…I’ll send ‘Itty Bitty’ the orphaned lamb over with Tom when he comes, he must have some room in his golf bag….and ‘ Itty Bitty’ can easily pose as those fluffy sock like things golfers put on the top of their clubs. I’ll speak to Tom right away! She’ll be in your lap before you know it….best part??? she doesn’t chew the phone wires like someone else I know ( Hunny Bunny).

    • Isn’t it just the truth, Molly….that when we need comfort, reassurance,and perhaps a good square meal, knowing where to go for these things are all of what is truly important in life. ‘Itty Bitty’ needed a little help with these things and we could easily open the door and bring her indoors…Life is good!

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