Our Current House Guest….

Picture 2501Our current house guest? This little gal who likes to stretch out underneath the table after her breakfast. Why live in a barn when you can be among hosts who feed you, give you an extra blanket at night, and are happy to have you snuggle in their lap? Itty Bitty, as we call her, has things pretty well figured out!

6 comments on “Our Current House Guest….

  1. I knew the minute I saw the title of the post. I love it. Many years ago when my granddaughter was about four or five, we went to a small goat farm to buy some soap. I thanked the lady for letting my granddaughter pet the animals that were outside, and she asked us to wait a minute. She went through a door and came back with six tiny goats that she was taking care of in their kitchen. What a hoot. 🙂

    • I like being the kind of person who just might have some livestock hanging out in their kitchen! My own kids ( now grown) have said that they never really knew what they might find under the table or curled up in one of the chairs when they came downstairs in the morning. Chicken, lamb, piglet…everyone needs a helping hand at times!

  2. As a child I always got to bring in the ones that needed a boost, one despite my teacher saying no to bringing it to school, I convinced my sister she said yes. I arrived after lunch with a small wooden crate containing a wee lamb. I don’t recall the punishment but whatever it was worth it.

    • What teacher could resist a visiting lamb? And a great opportunity for vocational agriculture! Itty Bitty is out with her flock during the day, but comes in for ‘creature comfort’ at night!

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