The Gift Of Chicken Livers

Picture 1822My very good friend who was preparing a meal for her family to celebrate Passover called me from the big supermarket in town. She was standing in the meat aisle looking at chicken livers. Apparently the ‘big store’ chicken livers looked a bit pale and she was considering what kind of additives were included in a 1 pound package of commercial chicken organs. From what she described, they didn’t look too appealing and let’s face it… if you’re going to eat organ meat, then eat good, healthy, organ meat. From the store aisle, she decided to call me while thinking, “I bet Denise has some chicken livers”. Of course, we have chicken livers! I told my friend to come on over and get what she needs, but to please come before 9:00 a.m., we have a group coming to walk the gardens. “Can you leave them in the mailbox?” she asked. Of course, I’ll put them in a container with some ice (the chicken livers were frozen).
She quickly shared the recipe she’d be using passed down from her great-grandmother. We spoke about the journey different cultures have travelled to get to safe shores, so often leaving so much behind. Family recipes were at least one thing people could take with them, and here was Cathy, several generations forward making use of this family heirloom…a Passover dish made with chicken livers. My great joy is that I live in a place where diversity is celebrated, that my friend can call me to see if I have any extra chicken livers, and that it doesn’t seem strange at all to leave them in the mailbox. Does anybody need chicken livers? there’s still more!

13 comments on “The Gift Of Chicken Livers

  1. Whoa, Nelly! For a vegan when I opened your post the image that sprang from my screen woke me up this am.! No judgment …just sayin’ 😱

    • Sorry about that, Bonnie….but we’re firm believers in ‘waste not want not’! I’ll try and be thoughtful about early morning organ pictures!! I guess they could be a little shocking first thing! Happy spring to you!

  2. A lovely posting. Traditional recipes are the backbone of my family’s cooking, and they really do connect us to the far-away lives of the people who risked so much to come to what they hoped would be a better place to live.

    • I love hearing about family history, and isn’t it so important to pay tribute to those before us who journeyed to get to a better place, a better life. Amazing stories…so glad I was able to offer up homegrown chicken livers for the occasion.

  3. Yum! Those livers look very inviting. So kind of you to share them. Wish we were closer. All in my house love organ meat. How many of your chickens do you eat a year?…there seems a great many in the bowl there.

    • Hi Melissa,
      So good to hear from you! I’ve been a little absent here in computer world…your polly tunnel looks great, and much bigger!! Yes, a fairly large bowl of chicken livers, we slaughter between 75 and 100 meat birds every year, that makes for a lot of livers, plenty to share!
      best to you and all,

      • I’ve been absent too! Just stealing a moment but off to sow some seeds now.

        Guess it’s safe to say you eat lots of chicken?! Good stuff and so versatile. Happy homesteading and all to you. XX

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