Epimediums In The Gardens….Up Close And Personal

Picture 2792Picture 2747We love epimediums, there are plenty in the nursery to choose from, here are some examples of the ones growing in the display gardens. Come check them out!Picture 2775Picture 2768Picture 2733Picture 2781

3 comments on “Epimediums In The Gardens….Up Close And Personal

  1. OK. I am completely unfamiliar these plants but, since they were so lovely, looked them up. The common names seem to have the same theme, “horny goat weed,” “rowdy lamb herb,” and so on. Up close and personal, indeed.

    • Yes, we love them and there are many different species..all considered Horny Goat Weed and used to amp things up a bit in the urge for intimacy….if ya know what I mean! We sell quite a lot of these…i think people are planting them in their gardens, but who knows…maybe they are being tinctured into a “let’s get it on’ remedy!

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