With The Help Of Our WWOOFer

Picture 2841Best not to mention, perhaps, that one of your very first tasks when you arrive here at Fernwood as a WWOOFer may be wrestling with a little lamb to get her diaper on. Zoe, our latest WWOOFer (what’s a WWOOFer? Check out this site), jumped right in and helped us tend to ‘Dottie’. ‘Dottie’ had stepped on a sharp stick out in the field and it had made a puncture wound in between her hoof. After a trip to the vet for a check up and some antibiotics, Dottie has settled into a life of comfort. Laying on a rug by the woodstove wearing her indoor attire ( Pampers), being bottle fed, and wandering her outdoor ‘play area’ while the nursery is open. She is healing quickly and has become quite accustomed to the attention of all the people living here. She will soon be healthy enough to return to her flock but I think she has been adopted by our friend Sally.There she will join Wallace, Fiona, and Penelope ( Sally’s little trio of Southdown sheep)and continue to live quite comfortably with LOTS of attention. A pampered ‘Pampered’ lamb, for sure!Picture 2842

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