Garden Beauties….


Peony banatica

Peony banatica

IMG_1312We’re always overjoyed to see the woodland peonies blooming in the gardens….and the ladyslippers, oh my! These plants are available in the nursery, come check them out!
Cypripedium  macranthem

Cypripedium macranthem

Cypripedium pubescens

Cypripedium pubescens

Cypripedium hybrid

Cypripedium hybrid

10 comments on “Garden Beauties….

    • Hi Marion,
      Both peonies but different species, the white is japonica, the magenta flowered one is banatica. Species peonies prefer half a day of sun but are best suited within the woodland where they are out of the hot sun. We also grow to other species peony…obovata alba , veitchii, and a great buttery yellow flowered peony called mlokosewitschii. Earlier to bloom, all of them. then the traditional herbaceous peonies.

    • The lady slippers in the gardens always get repeated visits from us……can’t let them come and go without lots of stops to gawk at them! Thank you, Brenda….I guess the actually article will print in Monday’s paper. happy gardening to you!

    • Hello Melissa,
      Lady slippers are the ‘bells of the ball’ as one might say. Quite stunning. Difficult to propagate,but worth the effort for us and so many others who come to purchase them.
      very, very dry here….desperately need rain…watering through the night to keep things from drying out. How’s things??

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