Picture 2977We are early risers in this household. By 4:30-5:00 a.m. we are up and ready to start the day. Even as a young person I wasn’t much of the ‘sleep in’ type, nor was Rick. It’s the other end of the day and trying to stay up beyond 8:00 p.m. when we begin to fade. I still like to read a bit before falling asleep. This often results in a page or two before I nod off with the book still open and my eyeglasses laying crooked across my face. I can’t blame this on the book I’m reading, it’s not boring me to sleep. I’m just plain tuckered out!
The book I am slowly making progress through is called, Braiding Sweetgrass, Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, And The Teaching Of Plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer. Robin Wall Kimmerer is a botany professor in upstate New York and also a member of the Potawatomi nation.“As a botanist, Robin Wall Kimmerer has been trained to ask questions of nature with the tools of science. As a Potawatomi woman, she embraces the indigenous teachings that consider plants and animals to be our oldest guides”
I like this book, Robin talks as much about her personal life as a mother, teacher, and her own experiences, as she does about some of the plants and animals that share our natural world. I do think it is important that within our ability to understand the world from a scientific approach, we don’t lose our wonder and appreciation for the spiritual gift that nature provides. As I have said before, I understand the mechanics of how a seed germinates and grows into a blooming plant….but I mostly love being forever stunned, surprised, and delighted by this process.
In Braiding Sweetgrass, Kimmerer brings these frameworks of understanding together in original ways, taking “us on a journey that is every bit as mythic as it is scientific, as sacred as it is historical, as clever as it is wise” ( Elizabeth Gilbert).
Now, if I can just keep my eyelids open a little longer at night, I can finish the last two chapters! What are you reading this summer? I’d love to hear!

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  1. I just finished David Baldacci’s, “Zero Day.” It is the third in a series of four about his character, John Puller, an Army investigator. It was a real page turner, and I was up at 5:15 with my coffee to finish off the last three chapters. Done. Now, I can start my day and wait for the library to notify me the fourth one is ready for pickup. 🙂 All the physical work you do in a day must make for a solid night’s sleep. Good old fashioned hard work does it every time.

    • Thanks for sharing, Judy…I’ll look this series up. Always happy to have good book suggestions…even if the rate it takes to get through a book is a bit slow this time of year! Happy day to you!

  2. Hello, I am reading Grassroots Gardening Rituals for Sustaining Activism. It is a short book which contains many different insights I Into gardening. The author is Do Nina Schaper. While here in CA visiting my daughter and her husband and our first grandchild, we attended the opening of City Slicker Farm. A wonderful farm in inner city Oakland. You can read about it on the web. Hope to visit your wonderful farm again soon. All the plants I bought are thriving! Elizabeth

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    • Hello Elizabeth, I will surely look this book up, it sounds great. I always like to have a stack of good reads by my bed …even if I nod off quickly. I am always interested gardening…fascinated by urban gardening these days…such a necessary endeavor! Thanks for sending along this suggestion! Best to you, denise

  3. We keep very similar hours… and have the same difficulties with making it beyond 8pm… Reading?… I always tell myself one book at a time… but its usually about 3… Not technically enough time for reading, so I guess I try to multitask? ha ha … I just finished The Scent of Water, by Elizabeth Goudge, starting a biography of Dodie Smith (of 101 Dalmatians fame), also reading a fascinating book on the Bloomsbury group… and just got Will Bonsall’s book on growing all things. Happy “Ides” of June to you! :))))

    • Hello melody….early wee hours are best for me..though I tend to (try) and read more in the evening. I’ll check these books out! When are you two coming north? Be sure and swing by!
      Happy days to you, denise

      • We aim for an every couple of weeks schedule for going up ~ otherwise the grass gets so high i can’t see over it!! Plus the house NEEDS us!
        Will try to grab the wheel and veer down your road soon!! :))))))

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