A Mid Summer Break

Picture 3026Picture 3036Picture 3063Picture 3032Picture 3060Picture 3045Just about mid-summer I get a call from my friend Sally. She has a little house that overlooks the pier in Stonington and asked me to take a ride up to check on things. “No, too busy”, I said, “Too much weeding, mowing, and transplanting to get away”. Thankfully, she is gloriously persistent about taking time away from all the work we do here and having a little adventure. Decision made…I’ll head to Stonington for an overnight. Rick will go north for a bit of brook fishing. Off we go, a much-needed break to explore and enjoy the beautiful woods and coastline of our great state.

how we roll.....packed up and ready to go in sally's old Morris

how we roll…..packed up and ready to go in sally’s old Morris

You won’t get any photos of Rick catching any monster brook trout. After all, when was the last time there were pictures do go along with the epic fish stories we always listen to…. you know, ‘the one that got away’.The camera went with me up the coastline. No fish or blackfly or campfire photos, but there was lobster and a beautiful view towards Isle Au Haut to capture. A day away, just what we needed.That Sally…she’s so smart! Picture 3077Picture 3089Picture 3095Picture 3111Picture 3130
....time to head back home.

….time to head back home.

15 comments on “A Mid Summer Break

  1. Isn’t Stonington a magical place? You are so lucky to have a beautiful spot to stay for a day! Looks like you made the most of your break. 🙂

    • Stonington is one of my favorite places. On the rare occasions I leave the good ol’ hills of Montville and our work here…Stonington is just the place for a few days of rest and beauty. Magic is just the word!

    • I think when you get so few days during the summer to play and when you live in such a beautiful state ( Maine!), you want to make the most of it…no bars held. That means lobster, a great view, champagne, a dear friend, and a pretty cool car (although kinda slow) to transport you. Could be a while before I take another day or two off!

  2. That Sally IS smart! She’s knows, better than you do, what you need. Your photos are beautiful and should give you nice memories when winter comes . . . all too soon.

    • Thank you, Kerry.I am truly fortunate to have Sally as a friend…she is so often the impetus behind these much needed breaks and adventure. Because of the nature of our business…seasonal and nurtured by summer, it is easy for these fine days to slip by without a break. I am grateful, truly. And yes, once winter arrives and we are tucked in by the wood stove, I’ll think back of the those lazy days cruising around Stonington. The best. Happy day to you, Kerry!

  3. I love Stonington and your photos captured it beautifully. But I’m most impressed with your food. Yow. You two know how to put on a great spread.

    • Hi ( again) Brenda!
      We both love to cook…I have been cooking on the side somewhat professionally for years and Sally is a great photographer who has certainly helped me to become a better one! Plus, we love to eat fresh, local, creatively prepared food…even for a quick picnic!
      Have a great day!

  4. Enjoyed all the pictures but especially the night shot. We have some friends from AL who usually come up to Stonington for a couple weeks and rent a house right by the harbor not far from the post office. We usually get down to see them and really enjoy the beauty of Stonington.

    • Hi Linda,
      We are so lucky to have access to such beauty here in Maine…the mountains, the forests, the lakes and ponds and rivers…and the glorious Maine coast.Good to hear that you are out exploring and appreciating all that this lovely big pine tree state has to offer. hooray! And, thanks for the kind words about the photos…which is pure luck on my part!
      best to you, denise

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