Come Build A Fairy House!

Fairy House Building – a two session pottery class
Thursday, August 11th and Thursday, August 25th, from 1:00 to 3: 00
Check out our classes and more page for details

Picture 3482Join ceramicist and WWOOFer Hannah Medovnikov and Denise Sawyer in a two-part pottery class building miniature homes for your resident garden gnomes or fairies. During the first session, participants will design and construct their fairy homes using clay and considering features to be embellished after firing. After the houses are dry, we will fire them and bring them back to be glazed during the second session. We’ll discuss ways to add ‘features’ to your fairy house….doors, shutters, and even a ‘living’ roof ! After the glaze firing your pieces will be ready for installation! We will be using slab building and pinching techniques to make miniature shelters, perfect for any ‘little folks’ who may be wandering your woodland or gardens. Along with guidance from Hannah on how to build and design out of clay, Denise will discuss how to best design around your new piece of mini real estate. Materials and supplies are included…, as with most all classes here at Fernwood, tea and scones will be served!

If you’d like to join us, email at or call (207) 589-4726
You can check out our ‘classes and more’ page for details

7 comments on “Come Build A Fairy House!

  1. Hi John,
    After all the hard gardening/nursery work this year it’s time to have a little fun in the garden….wish you could join us. A little fairy house tucked away in the garden somewhere…a secret treasure!
    happy day to you, denise

    • Well, I would most love for you to come in person…it would be great to see you! But I do understand that you are a little too far for a two day class ( bummer). I’ll ask Hannah about purchasing a Fairy House, she will actually be heading for UNH at the end of the summer, so maybe this would work just fine. But, if you are going to be getting a fairy house delivered from Maine, it is only fair that Dennis be sent a growler of Three Tides Beer.Don’t you think?

    • Oh, and what a delight to have you here! The kids, too!…the best kind of fairy house builders and of course they are already well skilled in sewing ( from their excellent teacher mama)and can furnish their fairy houses with curtains, rugs, and flags.! Will be over in November, hope to see you then.

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