The Great Harvest

Picture 3528Now is when the vegetable harvest floods the kitchen. Buckets, baskets, and wooden crates filled to the brim with tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, and more. Let’s not even mention the cucumbers. Or the squash…. you know how that goes. We’ve been trying to harvest all the squash before it grows to its potential baseball bat length. This can happen overnight, as you know. ‘Sunburst’ patty pan squash grow like berries on a bush, you pick them one day and the next there are just as many. Our favorite way to prepare these cute little Cucurbita are to first throw them into a pot of boiling water, cook until just tender, then take them out to drain and dry off a bit. Then scoop out a small hole on the top side of the squash, discard seeds if you want to, and fill the hole with something yummy….like a bit of the roasted tomatoes, garlic, red pepper, and eggplant that’s been in the oven all morning. Top this with a little goat cheese ( we like Appleton Creamery’s ‘Chipotle lime’) and put under the broiler for a minute. A great little presentation, I must say.
Hope everyone’s gardens are doing well despite the lack of water ( here in the North East). Happy harvest to all!Picture 3533

4 comments on “The Great Harvest

  1. I’m exhausted just looking at that harvest and envisioning how much work is required to put it up. I hope you have some help. 🙂 It was overcast and black when I got up – beautiful site except not one drop of rain fell, it blew over, and now the sun is out. Who knew this would be a summer I’d hope for a really dark day. 🙂

    • Just over in Vermont visiting family and friends, while there a dark sky appeared and a storm hit…1 1/2 inches of rain! Geeze!! My WWOOFer’s have gone home or back to school, the preserving will fall on my shoulders until Molly arrives ( our 3 month apprentice from College of Atlantic).How are your gardens? Are you getting excited for your trip?

    • Hello Marian, Preserving is an all day affair… sooner do we finish a batch of tomato canning and another crate gets hauled in. We freeze the broccoli, cauliflower, beans, and Swiss chard. We also roast pan after pan of a tomato, eggplant, sweet red pepper, and garlic medley, which we then freeze….Yummy!! Food for those long winter days! How are things in your garden? Rain or no rain?

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