Fall Whirlwind

Tarragon....another Fall chore , drying herbs from the garden

Tarragon….another Fall chore , drying herbs from the garden

Once September rolls around, I have it in my mind that the chores, tasks, and the ‘goings on’ here at the nursery will calm a bit. Not so. It never does, and you’d think by now I would remember this. Fall is busy. We remain open through September and then by appointment in October. Customers continue to roll in, making end of the season selections for next year’s garden. We are collecting seeds and propagating, as well as dividing the plants that need it.The vegetable gardens are bursting. It has been a fantastic tomato year, we pick daily crates of tomatoes which are brought in for preserving. Today, I will start another succession of greens….lettuces, spinach, and tatsoi, for the hoop house. We’ll have meat birds to process later in the season, firewood is always on the list, and the small WWOOF cabin we built needs some finishing touches. For help these days, we have Molly, a senior student from College Of The Atlantic (here in Maine) doing a 3-month internship with us. Molly grew up here in our neck of the woods and has spent most of her life lobstering with her Dad….she is not at all unfamiliar with hard work. I think, however, she’s glad to be free of filling bait bags for a while.
This past weekend I was in Eastport for the Salmon Festival as a fiber vendor. This coming weekend is Fiber College in Searsport Maine. My friend Sally will be there teaching a class in paper mache elves and I’ll be assisting her in the class. Fall is certainly busy…always a little melancholy for me as the days go by. What feelings does the Fall bring to you? Are you ready for the end of summer?

7 comments on “Fall Whirlwind

  1. It is a bittersweet time. The end of this gardening season but you get to dream about the next one. 🙂 If you see a class on fiber art where you sew the fabric on one side from a pattern on the other, please let me know. I am fascinated by it but don’t have a clue how it is done. You are sure going to be eating well this winter. 🙂

    • Hi Judy, Explain the fiber project you’re talking about in a bit more detail…i’ll keep my eyes open and ask some questions. Wish you were going to be there, i think you’d love it. Right now we are running between the gardens and the kitchen…I hate to waste a thing. Oh, and the nursery…we’re running back and forth from there as well!!

      • Here is the artist’s link: http://www.nancymorganart.com/index.php. She has a pattern on the back, sews from the back and cuts the material on the front. I am just interested in doing something simple like a barn and a couple of trees on a background. This blows me away, and I’d just love to be able to understand the process. Ms. Morgan doesn’t hold classes just exhibits her work. If you ever get a chance to see it, you would love it. Thanks, Denise.

    • Thank you, Tom. What we need is rain! Had a good shower yesterday and was so happy to get it. We’re still way below our normal range of precipitation but we take what we get! Just started our Fall planting of greens for the hoop house here, love having fresh greens as far into the season as possible. Enjoying your blog and your fine words…..Denise

  2. Thanks. This post reminds me that I have a planter full of basil that needs harvesting into pesto before I lose it all.
    I’ve never been anything of a gardener but I love this time of year when the markets are bursting with fresh produce!

    • Don’t forget that precious basil! Pesto is always prime real estate in our freezer! We still have a few hefty rows to harvest as well…enjoy your days in the garden, Joanne….and thanks for reading!

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