One Of The Most Important Things I’ll Ever Ask Of You On This Blog…….

Please find a way to watch this film, SEED The Untold Story. It will be shown here in Maine at the Railroad Square Cinema in Waterville. Their week-long run begins on Friday, September 16th. (Showtimes to be announced.) Check out Railroad Square Theater for more info. If you live elsewhere, please visit this site: to find screenings in your area. You can watch a clip of the film by going here:
As 94% of our vegetable seed varieties have been lost, as seed diversity which is essential to the health and well-being of our planet becomes increasingly threatened, as we struggle to feed the growing numbers of humans and animals that reside on this planet, it is crucial that all people understand what is happening to our traditional seed sources. Look for cinemas or venues that will be showing this film….please. We will be in Waterville, Maine on Friday night watching and supporting this production. Please take the time to watch this film…. its message is so dearly important to all of us.

4 comments on “One Of The Most Important Things I’ll Ever Ask Of You On This Blog…….

    • I will , Judy. I have actually seen the entire version…sent to me for viewing and then promoting, which I gladly, gladly, will do! Please fing a way to see it. As soon as I can find out about more venues for watching it, I’ll pass it along. You of all people… passionate about our natural world, our right to grow good, healthy food, should most definitely see it. It is very well done, extremely informative, eye opening to say the least.

  1. I would love to see this but can’t make it to the Waterville showings. Let’s hope that it gets wider distribution so that it’s easily accessible to a wide audience.

    • I’ll check out the list of other screenings…where and when, and certainly encourage them to offer it to the largest audience possible! I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the interest …important issue, for sure1

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